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Holiday Business Building Checklist

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My favorite 20 steps for creating and growing holiday business.

_  I’ve set my workable holiday goals and am feeling organized and focused.

_  I’ve set sales goals that will stretch me out of my comfort zone.

_  I’ve set this season’s presentation and vendor events goals.

_  I’ve set my social media goals for the holiday season.

_  I’ve created my holiday templates and planning tools to save me time and energy implementing my social media and other marketing goals.

_  I have my holiday marketing systems in place so I will be organized and productive.

_  I have my holiday artwork in place for my ads, flyers and social media posts.

_  I understand the holiday trends within my industry.

_  I will offer a bonus or gift to encourage prospects to join my mailing list.

_  I understand which marketing strategies work best for my ideal market and customers.

_  I understand my sales funnel.

_  I have newly created tips, how-to’s, posters and sales flyers organized and ready to go.
Tip: I use Canva.com to create my flyers and posters.

_  My newsletter, website, etc. are “holiday” friendly.

_  I have carefully written my sales copy for brochures, posts, etc.

_  I understand the ins and outs of social media ads and will make an educated decision whether or not to use them.

_  I have my holiday support system in place and have chosen my accountability partner.

_  I have found and secured my vendor events for this holiday shopping season.

_  I have ordered the supplies I need to work my vendor events and other presentations.

_  I have carefully planned out how I am going to use my networking time.

_  I will enjoy my fun-filled and profitable holiday season!
What would you add to this list? Please share your ideas in the comments section.
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