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HOPE 2017 – Change Your World

Thank you guest blogger Tess Denton for this post.

The recent holidays included standing in line and standing in crowds – at Starbuck’s, at the grocery store, at the movies, and such. I could not help but overhear people talking. There is a common thread running through many conversations right now.

hope 2017

The thread is disillusionment and a loss of Hope. To be certain, we are living in complex times. The media provides an endless stream of bad news and negative messages shout at us in social media. A colleague of mine once told me that she preferred about getting her news from a newspaper rather than the television and the Internet, because you read a story once and move on. In today’s media saturated world, images, photos and stories are replayed ad nauseam, with graphic images always on the screen. It leaves us feeling helpless and emotionally wrought.

Good news! You can change your world. The New Year is a perfect time to rekindle Hope and create a Powerful Vision for your future. It is easy and transformative. Select 2.5 hours one day this month to turn off the television and stay away from the newsfeed on your telephone. Find a spot where you can work, uninterrupted. 2.5 hours is long enough to clear the mind clutter, and distance yourself from the constancy of bad news. Call your mini-retreat “HOPE 2017”.

A little insight about Hope: Charles Richard Snyder, a specialist in positive psychology, noted that Hope can impact several aspects of life, including; health, work, and personal meaning and that there are three main things that make up hopeful thinking:

Approaching life in a goal-oriented way
Finding different ways to achieve your goals
Believing that you can instigate change and achieve these goals

Your “HOPE 2017” mini-retreat guide includes tools from my “Building A Powerful Vision” process. Let’s begin:

Where: Find a spot where you will not be disturbed by your everyday life. Let people know that you will not be taking calls or answering text or e-mails during this time. Make this day an “off-site meeting”.

Begin: Sit quietly for a few minutes. You might listen to a bit of music. Being quiet for a time allows you to find the spot where Hope resides in and to spark the energy to create a hope-inspired vision for your work and life.

1) Reflect and Write – Spend 15 minutes in limitless thinking about and what you want to change, attract and achieve in 2017. Write an inventory of the thought streams. Once you have written your list, you are ready to move on.

2) Elaborate (The 3rd Degree) – Interview yourself. If someone handed your list to you, you would probably ask for more detail about the items on the list. As you take on the interviewer’s perspective, you might ask, “Who will benefit? Why do you want to do that? What will it mean to have that in your life?” Write your answers to these questions, as well. Once you have answered these questions for your list, re-read what you have written. It is likely that a few ideas and desires are prominent and feel “most important” to you.

3) Declare Your Intention – Announce what you intend to accomplish or attract into your reality. You have done the visioning work by creating vivid picture of your preferred reality in the previous two steps. Now, turn your list into a statement that describes your intention. Once you have done this, you’re ready to put some incremental goals in place. Later, post this intention. Keep it in sight. You might frame it or use it as the background on your computer or your cell phone. Consider making a vision board (www.buildingapowerfulvisionboard.com).

4) Outline Your Goals – Write out goals associated with your intention. For example, if your goal is to add $75,000 to your retirement by 2021, now would be a good time to describe the amount you intend to add each year. Plan the work and work the plan.

5) Map Your Journey – Describe how you will achieve your vision. List the types of actions and activities you’ll GET to do (not HAVE to do. Have to do sounds like work. Get to do means learning and expanding) to reach your intended outcome.

6) Hitch Up The Wagon… We’re heading out! – Decide how the first leg of your journey is going to play out. What are the few first steps that you will take and celebrate? Select some steps you can complete this week, and then get out there!

Without fail, the vision that this activity provides will result in a foundation of Hope for you to Change Your World in 2017!

Best of luck with your plan. As always, I welcome your comments.
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Visit www.tessdenton.com for copies of my books, Building A Powerful Vision Board and Building A Powerful Vision Planner: A One Year Guide to Creating A Life You Love. A tool I use in working with individuals and teams is the vision board. If you are new to the topic, a vision board is an external and concrete expression of the picture you hold in your mind of what you want to attract and achieve in your life. The tool is simple, yet powerful!

tess denton

Tess Denton works with women who are in professional transition or interested in developing entrepreneurial clarity. She engages creativity to help individuals and teams manage change, set direction, and achieve their goals. As an author and facilitator, Tess draws on her work with leading non-profit and for-profit companies in a number of industries.

Her business focuses on improved business communication and team building. Tess is author of “Building A Powerful Vision Board: A Path To Achieving Your Goals And What You Want In Life” and “Building A Powerful Vision Planner: A One-Year Guide to Creating A Life You Love”. Tess holds degrees in Communications and Training & Development.

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