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How Are Your Business Communication Skills?

I’m a big believer in how you communicate with customers and team members can make or break your business. Your ability to communicate in clear, concise and empowering ways can make the difference between being taken seriously as a leader in your field and failing to grow a successful business.

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Here’s the irony, in this age of technological advances we still want well-thought out and concise information from those companies and people with whom we do business. We want to be informed quickly and yet, we want our business associates to communicate with us clearly and compassionately.

Here are five areas of communication that are vital to your business success:

1. Asking questions. Sometimes we forget to ask questions. Often, when we don’t ask enough questions we end up talking too much and not finding out what our customers or team members want or need. Do you ask enough questions?

2. Listening carefully. Are you sincerely listening to your customers? Or, are you busy trying to convince them to buy? Asking good questions and then listening carefully to the answers are powerful communication skills.

3. Conveying ideas. Are you getting your ideas and messages across to your customers and team members clearly and concisely? Whether verbally or written, being able to get your point across clearly is a necessary communication skill.

4. Resolving conflict. Whether it is a dispute among team members or a customer complaint, your ability to pinpoint the problem and resolve it quickly can make or break your business reputation.

5. Using multi-media. This is the age of technology – are you keeping up with the advances? Are you using podcasts, video, online publishing, webinars and other forms of multi-media to stay in touch with your customers and grow your business?

Here’s the bottom line: Today’s consumers want to be informed. They also expect you, as a savvy businessperson, to keep them updated about what you are offering. Today’s successful businesswoman needs to fine-tune her communication skills so she can confidently meet the needs and wants of customers, team members and employees.

If you feel you’re not as up-to-date with your communication skills as you should be, then it may be time to take a class or hire a coach to help you fine-tune your business communication know-how. Even the smallest improvement in your communication skills has the potential of paying off in added dollars to the bottom line and success of your business.
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