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How Many Ways Will I

It is easy to get discouraged when doors keep closing. You know what I mean, prospects who won’t call back, no shows to one-on-one appointments or the enthusiastic customer who suddenly changes her mind and decides not to buy anything. The million-dollar question becomes, how do we keep going productively forward?

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Right about here I could start posting quotations and talking about how the glass is half full or adversity makes us stronger, but when we’re in the middle of a downturn, we want solutions. Here’s what I do: when the doors start closing and my enthusiasm begins to wane, I sit down at the computer or with a pad of paper and begin developing my How Many Ways Will I list.

A How Many Ways Will I list focuses my attention on becoming more proactive and solution oriented – it starts my mind thinking about ways I can take action and make things happen for the positive. Here are the steps I follow:

1. Put on some “thinking” music and sit quietly for a few minutes to clear your mind. Visualize yourself writing a list of proactive positive ways to bring in new business and rejuvenate your current business.

2. At the top of a blank text document or piece of paper write in big bold letters, How Many Ways Will I.

3. Under the big bold letters, write an ideal outcome you’d like to achieve stated this way: How Many Ways Will I  . . . let’s say  . . . Recruit 5 New Consultants Into My Business.

4. Now, make a list of at least ten ways you can recruit 5 new consultants into your business. Just start listing. They don’t have to make sense right now, you just need to start listing options. Focus on listing at least ten ways although more would be better.

5. When you have at least ten options, study your list. Eliminate five of the least realistic or viable ones.

6. For the five remaining options, list how many ways you can make each one reality. Could you begin calling to make more appointments, find exhibit opportunities in your area, start a weekly email blast, begin a networking group, etc.?

7. When your How Many Ways Will I list is complete, choose one thing you will commit to completing within the next 24 hours – one thing that will take you forward in positive and productive ways.

When you open your mind to the possibilities, you’ll be surprised at the great ideas you can come up with and are willing to follow through on. By simply asking yourself, “How Many Ways Will I”, you are freeing your mind to focus on finding solutions and seeking out positive ways to make goals reality.

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