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How To Find Blog Post Ideas

I’m often asked where I keep finding new and fresh ideas so my blog posts stay timely and relevant. I do my research.

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To become a respected blogger, your blogging goal should be to stand above the crowd as someone who knows what she is writing about and can keep her blog posts fresh and relevant. Where do you begin your research? Here’s a list of resources I use and maybe they’ll stimulate your blogging creativity too:

    1. www.daysoftheyear.com
    2. Stumbleupon.com
    3. Pinterest.com
    4. Forums in your industry
    5. Your competitors’ blogs
    6. Google Suggest – Just start typing a phrase into Google search and see what terms are suggested
    7. T.V., radio, newspapers and the whole world around you
    8. Magazines in salons, offices or in the grocery or bookstore sales racks
    9. Facebook Groups within your target market
    10. On Amazon – the most popular ebooks and books being read by your target market
    11. The online headlines you’ll find on Yahoo, MSN and other web portals
    12.Trending Tweets on Twitter
    13. #Hastags you’ll find on Twitter and now being used by Facebook
    14. BlogTalkRadio.com topics
    15. Ideas and thoughts you have that you can place in your “ideas folder.”

Probably the most important thing I do is listen carefully to what the women within my target market are saying to me and to each other on the Internet. I stay on top of what is happening in my industry and then figure out how these events affect my readers.

I also choose “monthly or seasonal themes” and begin gathering information about that theme ahead of time. If I see an interesting article or think of an idea, I place it in my “ideas folder.”

Word of caution: Remember that you’re collecting ideas to help stimulate your creativity. You’re not going to plagiarize or copy the content from other sources. Your blog should be 100% your words and in your voice.
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