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I Never Achieve My Goals

Yesterday I had a coaching client say, “I never seem to achieve my goals. Am I hopeless?”

Here is my thought: No one is hopeless – misguided maybe but not hopeless.

Achieving goals involves a combination of emotional preparation and physical activity. The mindset of success is just as important as the physical activity of working toward your goal. Without the mindset of success, physical activity can be like spinning your wheels on ice – the wheels go around but you’re not going anywhere.

Using words such as: Never, hopeless, I’m a loser, this doesn’t works for me and it’s a waste of time are all setting yourself for failure. These words create thoughts of disappointment, not success.

Here’s a short checklist for creating a successful goal achieving mindset:

1. Belief in yourself and your ability to succeed. Belief can make the difference between spinning your wheels and living out your goals. What do you believe about your ability to succeed? Do you say positive things about yourself, to yourself? Do you believe without an ounce of doubt that you deserve to succeed?

2. Clearly know what you want to achieve. Are your goals clearly written in specifics? Is there a beginning date and completion date? Can you clearly visualize your goal and does it seem “real” to you?  Are you specific and definite about what you want to achieve?

3. Is the “why” for achieving your goal strong enough to overcome roadblocks and obstacles? Your inner motivation must be big enough and powerful enough to keep you going forward even when you’re faced with negativity and discouragement. Is your “why” is big and strong enough, discouragement won’t deter or dissuade you?

4. Make your goal your own. Is your goal really your goal? Is the goal you are aiming toward and working to achieve really your goal or is it someone else’s? Sometimes, we get caught up in the hopes and dreams of others and we can’t seem to separate their wants and needs from our own. If the goal you’re aiming toward is important enough to you personally, professionally and/or financially, you’ll emotionally and physically work extremely hard to achieve it.

If your desire to achieve is strong enough and the plan you’ve set in place is workable, your goals have an excellent chance of becoming reality.

The question remains: Do you have the mindset of success?
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Here’s to making your awesome goals reality,

Sharon Michaels
Author – Blogger – Coach to Women who choose to be successful
Owner of WomenWhoWantToSuccessfullyWorkForThemselves.com

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