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Inspiration From Experts

You have written your goals, designed your vision board, written the to-do list and yet, you feel that sometimes you’re spinning your wheels or twirling in place. What should you do? It’s time to look to the experts for inspiration – the ones that have been there, done that and succeeded.

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Where do you find the experts who can not only inspire, but also save you time? Believe it or not, they are everywhere if you know where to look.

Have you tried the Internet, bookstore, library, retirement centers, local business organizations or the members of your own family? Who do you know who has accomplished what you want to accomplish? Who had a dream and achieved it? Who can you look up to as a role model?

Gathering inspiration from an expert is different from having a mentor. A mentor is someone you work with one-on-one for an extended period of time. Gathering inspiration can come from reading a book, listening to a biography or maybe during lunch with your grandmother. In fact, you can even gather inspiration from people who are no longer alive but who have left a legacy that inspires you to go for your dreams.

Here are a few suggestions of places to begin:

1. Who has already done what you want to do? Let’s use the example of building a summer home on Lake Wobegone. Who on Lake Wobegone has built their own home? Could you ask them for some timesaving tips and advice?

2. Make a list of all the areas you feel in need of a little inspiration. These areas could be emotional, spiritual, intellectual or physical. Who do you know who may have faced the same challenges? Could you find inspiration in a biography or autobiography?

3. Let’s say one of your goals is to create more empowered spending habits. Is there an organization locally or on the Internet that can lend support and offer time-tested suggestions?

4. Is there someone in your family who has been where you are now and achieved their goals? Sometimes we have a tendency to overlook those people who are right in our own backyard.

5. Is there a historical figure you admire for their tenacity, spirit or ingenuity? Could you begin research on how they achieved their goals?

6. Is there an older person who is an inspiration? Would it help to sit down with them for an hour or two and listen to the story of their life? It will probably do them as much good to share their story, as it is for you to learn from their life lessons.

7. Are there any local businesses, civic or social groups whose members could be an inspiration?

8. Don’t overlook finding inspiration in fiction – in the stories of strong women (and men) who overcame the odds to make their goals reality.

9. You can rent or purchase DVDs or CDs about inspirational figures, past and present, who achieved great things by not giving up before they accomplished their goals. A few hours spent watching and listening could be just the inspiration you’re looking for to help you go to the next success level.

An important thing to remember – you are not alone. There is someone out there who has gone before, was probably twirling in place and still achieved his or her goals. The inspiration comes from telling yourself that if they could accomplish their goals, you can too!
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  • Tricia April 10, 2013, 11:24 pm

    So well written Sharon! YOU are one of my key inspirations. Thank you… but, you sure hold the bar high!

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