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Investing In Your Financial Self-Esteem

How about making some time this month to invest in yourself and your financial potential? Believing in your financial decision-making skills equals healthy self-esteem and healthy self-esteem equals the willingness to invest in one of your most valuable assets – a belief in your ability to create an abundant and wealthy life.

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Investing in your financial self-esteem means:
* Learning more about personal finance, investing and wealth
* Believing in your financial ability and going for your goals
* Having a positive outlook that keeps you going forward
* Expanding your financial comfort zone
* Trusting in yourself and your financial abilities

Food for thought: Healthy self-esteem enables you to thrive in life, not just survive!

Healthy self-esteem allows you the emotional self-confidence to go for your financial goals and dreams. Investing in your financial self-esteem is about spending the time, energy and money to go forward, toward your financial goals with less doubt and indecision.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can enhance both your self-esteem and financial potential.

1. Read any good books lately? Feeling prepared and competent can be a big boost to your self-esteem. If you want to become more proactive with your financial life, it’s time to invest in your financial education.

Can you name the last personal finance or investment book you’ve read?

If you can, congratulations! If you can’t remember, then it’s been too long. Investing in yourself is about believing you deserve a prosperous, abundant and wealthy future. It’s about investing in your ability to go financially forward in positive, powerful ways.

How about making a plan to read at least one new financial self-development book every couple of months? If you truly want to invest in yourself, you’ll begin your own financial library. Surround yourself with the best of the best financial knowledge and expertise.

2. Attend any good classes lately? If you want to learn more about securing your financial future, it’s probably a good idea to learn from the experts. Someone who has been there, done that and made it happen.

Community colleges generally offer classes taught by professionals in the field, school districts offer community education classes and many small business organizations have retired professionals who will gladly share their expertise. If you’re serious about learning, you can find a class.

Your financial self-esteem will be greatly enhanced by knowing you have the knowledge to make financially wise decisions and well thought out choices.

3. Have you networked with any positive financially like-minded people lately? We can learn so much from one another. Have you thought about joining a local investment or “cash flow” club?

I’ve found that being with positive like-minded people seems to raise the bar for me. I want to aim higher and work harder. I also found that I’m more accountable and focused.

I’ll share this quote by Alton Barbour with you, “Flocking together creates birds of a feather.” Who have you been “flocking” with lately? Do they raise the bar for you personally, professionally and financially?

Our internal self-esteem barometer is more often then not based on how competent we believe we are in the important areas of our life. The more competent you feel financially, the more willing you are to invest in your financial future.

Here’s to your healthy financial self-esteem!

Please, share your thoughts and comments with us. We’d love to hear from you.

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