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Keeping the “Thanks” in Thanksgiving

In the United States we celebrate our Thanksgiving holiday every year on the fourth Thursday in November. It is celebrated as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year.

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I am proclaiming a Women Who Want to Successfully Work for Themselves ten days of empowerment and thanksgiving. Ten days beginning today…

Let’s celebrate our successes, talents, goals and the future in positive and productive ways. We’ll do at least one positive and empowering activity each day for the next ten days…

Monday November 13, 2017: Write a hand written thank you note to a mentor or role model who changed your life for the positive. Mail it today.

Tuesday November 14, 2017: Write a hand written thank you note to yourself congratulating yourself for being the inspired and empowered person you are today. Keep it near you and read it often.

Wednesday November 15, 2017: Today is the day to share only “positives” with the people around you. Handle every situation with a positive comment and encouraging solution. Negative thoughts and words are not a part of your vocabulary.

Thursday November 16, 2017: Today is the day to show your thoughtfulness and kindness. A sincere thank you to a clerk, a call encouraging a relative or friend and a warm smile for a stranger.

Friday November 17, 2017: Take time to make sure friends and family know how much you care about them. Show them how much they mean to you.

Saturday November 18, 2017: Sit with your loved ones and plan an optimistic and empowered 2018. Focus on what your family would like to achieve during the coming year. Have family members share how they will help make these goals reality.

Sunday November 19, 2017: Today is the day to begin a thanksgiving journal. For the next twenty-one days write in detail one thing for which you are thankful. After twenty-one days you’ll see how thankfulness has become a habit.

Monday November 20, 2017: Contribute to a charity or community organization. It can be time, effort, knowledge, or money.

Tuesday November 21, 2017: Create a thanksgiving tree. Have some fun decorating a cardboard tree with leaves of pictures and memorabilia celebrating positive memories. It can become a fun yearly activity. Each family member, no matter their age, places at least one leaf on the tree.

Wednesday November 22, 2017: Make time this evening to reflect, relax and give thanks for the positives currently in your life.

The more you focus on the positives in your life, the more positives you will attract.
Happy thanksgiving.
Please, share your thoughts and comments with us. We’d love to hear from you.
Happy Thanksgiving,

Sharon Michaels
Author – Blogger – Coach to Women Entrepreneurs
Owner of WomenWhoWantToSuccessfullyWorkForThemselves.com
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