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Light of the Moon – Luanne Rice – A Review

Yes, I know this is a professional and personal development blog and not a romance or fiction site. But I’ve found a book I think is worth sharing with our Women Who Want To Successfully Work For Themselves readers. It has a strong female character, relates to mother/daughter issues and is just a clean, fun, insightful pleasure to read.

Personally, I love to escape into a good romance novel. I look for a novel that has believable characters, the kind of characters you want to cheer for and get to know better. I enjoy visiting other parts of the country and world through the vivid descriptions of the sights and lifestyle of the people. I look forward to the sometimes complicated and often challenging relationship between the main characters. I also look for novels with strong female characters.

Light of the Moon book cover

In Light of the Moon by Luanne Rice I found all of this and more! What a treat to be able to recommend a romance novel that you can actually listen to with teenagers or younger children in the car and not be embarrassed by graphic bedroom scenes.

I was especially touched by the way the author delve into the relationship between mother and daughter. I too have recently been dealing with the death of my mother and Luanne’s words and insights were comforting and thought-provoking. Thank you Luanne for helping me realize that my mother was called to take a journey on which I’m not a part.

Believe it or not, the day I purchased this book I was cleaning out a closet and went through pictures of my mother and our wonderful times together. I decided to go to the store to find a book in which I could escape from my sadness. I was immediately drawn to Light of the Moon even though I’d never heard of the author. I’m a big believer that there are no coincidences!

This novel is also about finding a healthy balance, something it seems that most of us women deal with once, twice or more in our lives. Today’s women are often finding themselves making either/or decisions between having a personal life and a guilt-free professional life.

Everyone who reads a novel takes away something that’s uniquely special to them – something they can relate to at that time and place in their life. I hope you enjoy and find as much comfort and enjoyment in reading Light of the Moon by Luanne Rice as I did.

This book was written in 2009 and is still available on Amazon.com. It is probably also available in your local library and new and used bookstores.
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