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Making Financial Resolutions for the Coming Year

At year’s end we often vow to do better with our finances during the coming year. Many of us begin writing New Year’s resolutions. When you think about it, a resolution is simply a commitment or goal to make new habits a part of our everyday life.

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As the New Year approaches, I’m asking you to consider five financial resolutions:

1. Keep accurate financial records. A good record-keeping system, when consistently worked, can save you time, effort and stress.

2. Make time to review your credit report regularly. Is it time to read, check and analyze your credit history? You never know what “treasures” you may find. Set a date on your calendar and plan to spend time conducting a credit report check-up.

3. Stay up-to-date and current on your overall net worth. At least once a year, work the numbers to get a clear picture of your assets and how they’ve grown. This means knowing the equity and resale value of your home, car(s), personal property, investments and savings.

4. Update your estate and insurance documents and secure them in a safe place. Do you have a trust agreement? Does someone reliable know where to find these important documents? Is there a need to update your important insurance and other legal documents?

5. Analyze and fine-tune you savings and retirement plans. Are you faithfully contributing to savings program either on your own or through work? Should you contact a financial advisor to assist you with your long-term financial goals?

No better time than now to resolve to have financial peace of mind all year long. Here’s to a happy and financially successful New Year!
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