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Marketing Ideas – Summer Holidays and More

This is guest blogger Sally Ann Murphy with post number one in our Summer Business Series. I’m going to show you how to turn summer holidays and observances into ideas for gaining new business and thinking up content for newsletters, product promotions and blog posts. I’m giving you some great ideas for developing a creative and fun summer marketing plan.

Calendar page open to first of a month

Some summer holidays and observances are widely celebrated and some, are just fun to use to gain the attention of your customers. I realize a few holidays on this list have already come and gone for this year, but you’ll want to print off this list so you can use it as a reference to begin your summer marketing plans for next year.

14th – Flag Day (United States)


Yeah! I’m Out of School Month
1st Friday – National Doughnut Day
5th – World Environment Day (United Nations)
9th – Donald Duck’s Birthday
3rd Sunday – Father’s Day (United States)
Summer Solstice (between June 20 – 23)

1st – Canada Day
4th – Independence Day (United States)


Hot Dog Month
Vehicle Theft Prevention Month
Social Wellness Month
Family Reunion Month
7th – Global Forgiveness Day
11th – World Population Day
11th – Cheer up the Lonely Day
15th – Ice Cream Day
3rd Monday – Get out of the Doghouse Day
2nd week – Freedom Appreciation Week

1st Monday – Provincial holiday in Canada, excluding Quebec


National Smile Month
1st Week – World Breastfeeding Week
1st Week – Simplify Your Life Week
3rd – Watermelon Day
6th – Fresh Breath Day
8th – Happiness Happens Day
9th – International Day of the World’s Indigenous People
12th – International Youth Day
13th – International Left Handers Day
25th – Kiss and Make up Day

1st Sunday – Father’s Day (Australia, New Zealand)
1st Monday – Labor Day (United States, Canada)
11th – Patriot Day (United States)
Sunday after Labor Day – Grandparent’s Day (United States)
17th – Constitution Day (United States)


National Arthritis Month
Ovarian Cancer Month
Self-Improvement Month
National Courtesy Month
13th – Positive Thinking Day
19th – Talk Like a Pirate Day

It’s time to get creative! What products, promotions or posts will you create around these holidays and observances? You can use these holidays in your social media campaigns, create a video for YouTube, write a fun blog post, design product promotions or have a summer “Did You Know” section in your newsletter. Honestly, your summer business-building and marketing plan is limited only by your time and imagination.

It’s FUN (and profitable) to do business all summer long!

Sally Ann Murphy, guest blogger
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  • sharonmichaels July 15, 2012, 3:55 pm

    Thank you Sally Ann – these are ideas we can all work with! I especially like July 15, Ice Cream Day!

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