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tessdenton3About Tess Denton – Author and Workshop Facilitator

Tess Denton is a Future Facilitator. She helps people and companies create a powerful vision for success.

Tess offers Vision and Change workshops through her company, Destiny Rising. She also authors a blog, Your Destiny Rising and hosts a show on BlogTalk Radio/ TessDenton.

Tess’ passion is empowering people to recognize and embrace their potential.  Her writing and radio program provide her audiences with a short segment of interaction or reflection about topics that can help them create a lifestyle that is in line with their purpose and goals.

In her writing, consultation and workshops, Tess draws on her cumulative business and creative background to help people and companies make lasting and meaningful change. In addition to degrees in Communications and Training and Development, work in Human Capital Management and Performance Improvement, she studied Improvisational Comedy at Players Workshop and Second City Training Center and worked with multiple improvisation groups focused on business communication and culture.

Engage your imagination in creating your best future by reading Building a Powerful Vision Board, Your Path Achieving Your Goals and What You Want In Life. The Vision Board process is great fun, and the book is informative and engaging. By learning how to create powerful Vision Boards and developing a roadmap to achieve your vision, you can create the future you want for yourself.

Enjoy your journey!

To read more about Tess Denton, her books and programs you can go to her website: http://buildingapowerfulvisionboard.com/



Marilyn Sarno

Marilyn Sarno – Independent Consultant, Apriori Beauty 

My name is Marilyn Sarno and I am an Independent Consultant for Apriori Beauty anti-aging skin care products. They are innovative, pure and I have loved using them for 2 years because I see results in my face and skin.

My friends and family ask me why would I want to be an Independent Beauty Consultant after teaching nutrition and diabetes for almost twenty-seven years? I tell them it is because I love the science behind Apriori Beauty Skin products and find it exciting and fun to share my knowledge with other women.

I am still teaching nutrition but with a focus on the skin.

Please have fun and visit my Apriori Beauty website at https://www.aprioribeauty.com/ic/marilynsarno/



BJ Dudley

BJ Dudley – Independent Distributor, JAQX Smart Home Security System

I arrived on this earth at 10:09 AM in Scottsbluff, Ne January 1934 to a family that had 2 boys 10 and 12 years old. I grew up in southern Wyoming and northern Colorado. Spent my sophomore year in high school at Principia in St. Louis, Missouri. Graduated from Moffat County High School in Craig, Colorado 1952.

Moved to LA in 1953 where in July 1954 met and married my (sailor) soul mate Cliff Dudley. We have two wonderful daughters, 2 granddaughters, 1 grandson, 4 great grand daughters and 2 great grand sons.

I realized that living on a fixed income has its draw backs as living expenses go up but income does not rise at the same rate. Loved the idea of sharing a product that offers people security, safety, and independence as well as a business opportunity if they desire.

My reason for being a JAQX Independent Business Owner is three fold:
1. Financial Freedom
2. Security, Safety, Independence
3. Opportunity

I invite you to visit my JAQX website at: https://www.jaqxsmart.com/home/?u=bjdudley



Cindy Waller Feisty Studios Tucson – Young Living Essential Oils

I’m Cindy Waller and in 1993, my mom was diagnosed with cancer. My family became interested in natural healing for her remaining 13 months as well as preventative for ourselves. In 1996-97 when I had my 1st son, I wanted to use a midwife, natural childbirth and childcare for all the illnesses babies get the first few years. As my kids got older and we got busier, our family stopped using oils, but I missed the uplift of oils. In 2016 a friend let me borrow her Young Living diffuser and essential oils to ease my breathing and to give a calming atmosphere in my home. In just 24 hours, we were hooked! I loved my house smelling pretty and we weren’t reacting to synthetic fragrances. My 15 year old son asked for a diffuser for his room to help him sleep better and to make his room smell nice.

I’m transitioning all my cleaning products over to the Thieves cleaning line. Young Living also has skin care and mineral makeup to keep my skin healthy and glowing. There are animal care supplements and treats to keep fur babies happy. I’m also starting to replace my spices with the Vitality safe to ingest oils. The possibilities are endless!

I use products based on how good they work, and the price I’m willing to pay is a direct correlation of how much I need the product based on how it works and makes me feel.

Cindy Waller calls Tucson home, loves family time, beaches and doing hair. Any oils that inspire her passion and focus her chaos in workability are dropped in a capsule, roller bottle, or diffuser depending on “where the Good Lord Jesus is taking me today.”

I invite you to research more at my Feisty Oil Drops page at www.feistystudiostucson.com.