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Ms. Asa – My Favorite Teacher

Guest post from Tess Denton. Thank you Tess for taking up the writing challenge and sharing your favorite teacher.

“Pay Attention. I’m going to go fast” is the best way to describe the style of my first Spanish instructor.

While many people I know dreaded foreign language class in high school, I loved it from Day 1. Susan Asa taught me first year Spanish in high school. I have to say that in 1975, I’d never had a teacher who used the term “Ms.” In her title. Prior to that, my teachers had been Sister, Mrs. or Miss. She was modern and commanding.


I loved her rapid pace and her straightforward manner. Ms. Asa was sharp and witty and had high expectations. From her, I learned that the language was logical, not difficult. Interestingly, Ms. Asa also owned a dance studio. The fact that she had a dual career intrigued me. In fact, I learned the basics of tap dancing in one short week during a mini-course between terms that year. I’ve got to say that her manner in teaching dance was quite the same as it was in language class. Learn the basics, immediately build on what you’ve learned and practice!

To this day, I consider learning an adventure and a sport. I have applied Ms. Asa’s approach to countless skills and in many jobs in the forty-two years since I was introduced to the master and her method.

While Ms. Asa moved to another school after my freshman year, I consider one year of learning under her tutelage an outstanding experience.

Click here to read a memorial to Susan Asa: http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2014-02-07/news/ct-obit-asa-met-20140207_1_dance-studio-dance-lessons-suzanne-b
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Tess Denton works with women who are in professional transition or interested in developing entrepreneurial clarity. She engages creativity to help individuals and teams manage change, set direction, and achieve their goals. As an author and facilitator, Tess draws on her work with leading non-profit and for-profit companies in a number of industries.

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