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My “Electric” Memories of Gallup New Mexico

My husband and I took a walk this morning and started remembering our “electric” memories of Gallup New Mexico. I believe we can all tap into the “energy” that surrounds us and I’d like to share this story with you.

Several years ago my husband and I were traveling in the Southwest United States from Colorado to Phoenix. We decided to spend the night in Gallup New Mexico. We couldn’t sleep – it was as if our mind couldn’t and wouldn’t turn off. Honestly, it was like there was something “electric” in the air. We were energized and yet, very peaceful and content.

New Mexico

We weren’t at all sleepy even though we’d been driving all day. We stayed up most of the night writing our family goals and talking about our hopes and dreams for the future. I was literally tingling with energy.

Finally around two or three in the morning we got a couple of hours of sleep and awoke before dawn feeling surprisingly refreshed. We could still feel an “electric” like energy. Neither of us had experienced anything like this before.

Before we set out on the road again we went to a local coffee shop for breakfast. We began talking with the staff and started telling them how energized we felt. They said they understood why and it was to be expected.

Here’s what they told us: We arrived in Gallup on Monday and that past weekend there had been a multi-nation Native American Celebration. Thousands of Native Americans from several Nations had gathered in and around Gallup. The Celebration had been focused on delivering healing energy to the earth and the universe. Talk about powerful energetic vibrations!

Was it any wonder I was vibrating with energy? I believe we have a life’s energy that is connected to the earth and one another. We can use this energy positively or negatively – it’s our conscious choice.

Just imagine how this positive energy was still radiating throughout Gallup New Mexico on Monday from the weekend’s Celebration. Even writing about it all these years later, I’m still amazed by the extent of the energy we felt. It is something neither one of us will ever forget.

It started me thinking about how I could harness my own energy. What if I could feel that “electric” energy more often? One thing is for sure, when like minds come together for a positive purpose it creates positive energy.

Here’s what I decided to do:
•I’ve begun to choose my friends and associates very carefully. I realize that like energy attracts like energy.
•I’ve decided to focus energy on what can be done and what is possible.
•I’ve decided to appreciate the positives more often and share that positive energy during my teleconferences and in my writing.
•My goal is to transfer some my positive energy to you.

I invite you to join me in energizing the earth with our positive energy – together we can make a positive “electric” difference!

Sharon Michaels
Author, blogger and success teacher
Owner of WomenWhoWantToSuccessfullyWorkForThemselves.com

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  • Deborah June 12, 2017, 6:44 pm

    Great blog post. Positive energy is something we can all use more of.

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