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Nice Girls Don’t Get The Corner Office – Review

The subtitle of Nice Girls Don’t Get The Corner Office by Lois Frankel caught my attention: 101 Unconscious Mistakes Women Make That Sabotage Their Careers. I am sure most of us will discover at least one “unconscious mistake” we can identify with and to which we can relate.

nice girls revised 2014

I had a friend say to me, “I wish I’d read this book twenty years ago.” Yes, it is that kind of book – the type that can save you a few missteps along the road to success. I believe women in business have come a long way but, there are still unconscious traits, habits and mannerisms that hamper our being taken seriously as powerful career women.

Lois Frankel is an executive coach and approaches writing this book as if she were working with a coaching client. First there is the Self-Assessment, then an analysis of the quiz answers and finally, suggestions for overcoming some of unconscious mistakes that may be sabotaging our careers. The author is systematic, straightforward and knows how to apply what she is suggesting to the “real-world.”

Here are the chapter titles:

Chapter 1 – Getting Started – This is where you’ll find a Self-Assessment.

Chapter 2 – How You Play the Game – This chapter talks about likening business to competitive sports and the importance of knowing how to win. Mistakes 1-14.

Chapter 3 – How You Act – The focus here is on some of the habits we’ve learned that are hindering us as women in business. Mistakes 15 – 30.

Chapter 4 – How You Think – Do you have the mindset of success? Mistakes 31 – 44.

Chapter 5 – How You Brand and Market Yourself – Realizing that you are the brand.

Chapter 6 – How You Sound – How we communicate in business situations can determine our success level. Mistakes 56 – 72.

Chapter 7 – How You Look – This about more than dress and makeup, this chapter also covers gestures, facial expressions, etc. Mistakes 73 – 86.

Chapter 8 – How You Respond – This is a powerful chapter about recognizing how we consciously and unconsciously respond to inappropriate business situations. Mistakes 87 – 101.

As I mentioned earlier, Chapter 1 contains a Self-Assessment. I recommend you make some quiet time to answer the questions and study your answers carefully. This forty-nine question quiz is the beginning of the “aha” process.

This book has been revised and I’d recommend the newer edition published in 2014. Comes in paperback and ebook.

I believe we can all benefit from this book whether we’re beginning a career or business, currently in a leadership position or have a daughter about to enter the workforce.

The only drawback to this book for me, was that it was written in the negative, focusing on mistakes – I’m not one who responds well to negativity.
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