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Nussentials – Natural Health Products – Judy Beckman

Guest blogger and Sponsor Spotlight – Judy Beckman Independent Sales Representative Nussentials.

There is a great deal of interest these days in health, wellness and anti-aging. Leading the way are baby boomers who are looking for natural alternatives to feel good, look good and slow down the effects of aging.

Nussentials has responded with a focus on advanced nutrition, through nutraceuticals which are on the forefront of preventive healthcare.
Nutraceuticals refers to extracts of food and plants that have a proven medicinal effect on health, with the extract or food having a physiological benefit or providing protection against chronic illness.

Nussentials’ products target various health issues that can occur, particularly as we age. Issues such as joint pain and inflammation, cholesterol, heart health, memory, lack of energy, stem cell nutrition, gastrointestinal health, diabetes, and immune system function are some of the common ailments that have been clinically tested and proven to respond positively to the natural ingredients in Nussentials products.

Typically, unlike prescription medication, there are no side effects from nutraceuticals; and, they can generally be taken with other medication.

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My name is Judy Beckman. After retirement from traditional business, I was introduced to Nussentials, a network marketing company providing quality, natural health products.

judyb_health&wellness-185x195Upon trying the products, seeing the financial opportunity while desiring the flexibility allowing us to spend time with our family, my husband and I became an Independent Sales Representative. I’ve been with the company 8 years and feel we are making a difference in our personal health as well as helping many others improve their health.

You can read more about my products and business here:
Judy Beckman Independent Sales Rep Nussentials

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