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Optimism and Pennies From Heaven

I’d like to share a fictional story about finding pennies. It’s really a story of optimism and belief in the ability to create your own opportunities for abundance and wealth, no matter the economy. It’s also the story of a woman who knows how to make her own luck.

The town of Graysville was, for the most part, an unhappy town. Many of its citizens were out of work and money was scarce. No matter the economic climate there was one woman in this town who was never without wealth. She was also a happy optimistic woman. Each day as she walked down the streets of Graysville on her way to work or shopping, the townsfolk could hear her humming and singing softly to herself.


The good citizens of Graysville called her the luckiest women in town. Why? Because everywhere this lucky woman went she discovered pennies. She found them on the sidewalk, in the bushes, on the shop floors, in the halls and even laying on the old park benches. Grayville’s lucky woman had a name for her pennies – she called them her pennies from heaven.

Don’t think this lucky woman walked around town with her head bowed down in search of pennies because she didn’t. It was almost as if she were attracted to these pennies and the pennies to her. Day after day there they were, right at her feet and all she had to do was bend down and place them in her pocket. She was indeed a lucky woman!

Over the years its been said this lucky woman has found thousands and thousands of pennies from heaven. When asked about her tremendous luck she would smile and answer, “I expect to find them. You see, I’m not really lucky. I’m just very optimistic that abundance and wealth surround me so I keep my eyes open. Maybe even more importantly, I’m willing to bend down and pick them up.”

To most of us this is a wonderful story about a woman who seems lucky. In reality this tale has nothing to do with luck. It’s about discovering that pennies from heaven have everything to do with optimism and belief in your own ability to create unlimited abundance and wealth.

What are pennies from heaven? They are the unexpected signs of good luck and abundance you find each time you bend down to pick up a newly discovered penny. That “lucky” penny is your gift from the universe. It’s a symbol that unlimited abundance and wealth constantly surround you.

Moral of the Lucky Woman Story: Your own pennies from heaven are right in front of you if you’re willing to bend down and pick them up.
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