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I love my daily to-do list! I have to confess that without my written list of things I want to accomplish before the end of my day, I’d be totally disorganized. I learned early on that to be truly effective, my to-do list needed to be reasonable and realistic.

Today is the day

Here are five lessons I’ve learned about writing to-do lists:

1. Remember, there are only 24 hours in a day. Trying to cram 36 hours worth of work and “to-do’s” into 24 hours is not only impossible, it is frustrating and stressful. Over estimating what you can actually do within a typical workday is setting yourself up for frustration and self-sabotage.

Activity: At the beginning of each month create a “must-finish” calendar. On your calendar write which activities “must” be completed by which dates. Decide what you are willing to do each day or each week to complete the “must-finish” activities on time. Breaking all the “must-finish” activities into bite-sized pieces will help prioritize and manage your time more effectively.

2. Plan ahead. The beauty of your to-do list is that it becomes a written blueprint of what you want to achieve day-to-day. Your to-do list and your goals go hand-in-hand. A to-do list is your daily vehicle for achieving short term and long term goals. Have you written your goals?

Activity: Do you have monthly, quarterly and yearly goals? If not, now is the time to write your goals. A to-do list is only effective if you know what you’re working toward. Look at your goals and break them down into bite-sized pieces. Plan to place one or more of those pieces on your to-do list each day. Before you know it, you’ve achieved your goals.

3. Leave time for the unexpected “stuff” that seems to happen. A to-do list becomes unrealistic when it is so crammed with activities that even Wonder Woman wouldn’t be able to complete them within 24 hours. We all know that “stuff” happens during the day – unexpected phone calls, last minute errands, unplanned meetings, etc. An effective to-do list leaves some wiggle room for the real world stuff that happens day-to-day.

Activity: Write out your to-do list and honestly evaluate how long it will take to complete each item. Add up the hours and ask yourself if you’ve left time to deal with the unexpected things that may, and usually do, crop up during the workday. Anticipating the unexpected will help to eliminate the unnecessary stress of trying to work under the self-imposed pressure of feeling you are falling behind.

4. If you can, use technology to help write your to-do lists. I’m still a person who needs to physically write out my daily to-do list with pen and paper. Many busy women in business write their lists and download them to their smart phones, notebooks and other mobile devices. The key is having your to-do list handy so they can glance at it throughout the day.

Activity: Check out some of the latest “to-do” list technology. The one I personally like is called Remember The Milk at http://www.rememberthemilk.com/ . They offer a free account and it is easy to install on your phone or you can use it with Gmail, Google Calendar and Twitter. At the end of the year, it actually tells you how many tasks you’ve completed.

5. Write your to-do list when you can think clearly. Some people want to write their list the night before so they can sleep on the “to-do’s” all night and some, write their list as soon as they sit down to begin the day. I say, whichever method works best for you, that is the one to use.

Activity: Honestly, I prefer writing out my to-do list first thing in the morning when I am refreshed and thinking clearly. I look at my calendar and I know what I want to accomplish before the end of the workday. Decide if evening or morning is the right time to create your to-do list. Whether you write your list in the morning or evening, commit to writing your to-do list at the same time each day.

With the right mindset and a commitment to using them regularly, to-do lists can prove to be effective organizational and time management tools for helping us achieve our goals.

Please, share your thoughts and comments with us. We’d love to hear from you.

Sharon Michaels
Author – Blogger – Coach to Women Entrepreneurs
Owner of WomenWhoWantToSuccessfullyWorkForThemselves.com
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Guest blogger and Sponsor Spotlight – Marilyn Sarno Independent Consultant Apriori Beauty.

I am proud to announce that I have been an Apriori Beauty Senior Consultant for almost four years now. Prior to becoming a beauty consultant I worked as a licensed nutritionist and diabetes educator for 27 years.

Marilyn Apriori Beauty

Although my education is science-based, I knew little about which skin care product would be best for my skin and even less about ingredients. My reasons for becoming a beauty consultant were for personal and business reasons. I wanted to prevent and correct wrinkles, dryness and age spots while at the same time educating mature women about their skin care so that they could capture that ‘Apriori Glow’.

I figured that if I was confused about skin care products most Women are too. Knowledge is power and empowering women about their skin care and beauty is important.

So, here is my story.
Once I hit my forties I started experimenting with both drug store and expensive department store brands. My beauty bag was a mish-mash of products.

Expensive or cheap I still had issues with skin reaction, lack of results and concern about toxic ingredients.

I was introduced to Apriori Beauty anti-aging skin care products through consultants participating on a Mastermind by Sharon Michaels. I started with samples of enzyme activated Micro-scrub which has a unique and proprietary blend that acts as a gentle exfoliant. The next samples I tried were the Celloxylin 5-Step, 6 product system for the face. I slowly added Apriori Beauty’s treatment products to my beauty routine such as Detox Clay Masque and MD 20EX Acid peel.

My results were so fantastic that I decided to become a consultant and teach other women the basics using Apriori Beauty products while earning residual income. What I discovered was that being your own boss, working from home and building relationships was fun!

Apriori Beauty’s mission is: “ Beauty through pure product innovation, building relationships and achieving personal success. I realized that all three of these mission statements are part of self-care.
• Good skin care to slow aging (self-esteem)
• Keeping socially engaged with friends/family (mental health)
• Personal success (self-confidence)

So let’s talk about the products more in depth. Apriori products have zero SLS, parabens, or animal testing. There are no synthetic fragrances or dyes and no harsh or toxic chemicals in any of their products. I have never had any negative skin reactions with any of their products.

I cordially invite you to experience our products by becoming a new client. Apriori Beauty offers many ways to save with monthly sales, flash sales, and buy 3 and get-one-free. You can enjoy savings by selecting different sets and specials including autoship savings.

Beauty at any age is achievable with Apriori Beauty Products. I love making your life beautiful!
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Guest Blogger:
Marilyn Sarno Independent Consultant for Apriori Beauty anti-aging skin care products. I became an Independent Consultant after using our 5-step six product system and loved the results in my skin.

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Have you ever noticed how worry seems to breed even more worry? It’s as if worrying is contagious.


Here’s an example: You worry about the confrontation you had with your teenager. You then begin to think that you’ve damaged the relationship between the two of you. She won’t come to you with her concerns. She’ll start listening to the advice of her friends. Her friends will give her the wrong advice and she’ll begin to rebel against you. Her grades will fall. Her college dreams will fade. She’ll end up settling for less than she can be. Her not living up to her full potential is all your fault, you’ve ruined her life.

This example may be a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point. You see how emotionally and mentally one small event can turn into a life changing out of control situation. It all stems from how easily worry can multiple.

Here are some ways to take control of worry before it gets out of control:

1. Keep yourself busy doing those things that are positive and productive.
Going forward in positive ways can work miracles. While your mind is focused on going forward in positive ways, it’s hard to worry about what “might happen” in the future. It’s simple, the busier and more productive you are the less time you have to worry.

2. Trying to make everything perfect is a time waster.
Perfectionists often find themselves in no-win situations. They worry about everything – what they should be doing, how they could have made what they did do even better, what they have to . . . The list is endless and frustrating. Perfectionism produces frustration, worry and can chip away at healthy self-esteem.

3. Live in the present.
We worry based upon what has happened to us in the past. You have choices – you can live in the present or the past but you can’t live in both at the same time. Are you allowing the past to weigh you down? Want to determine if you’re emotionally in the past or the present? Listen to how you speak. Do your conversations sound like – I did this, I use to, I’ve done that. What tense is being used – past, present or future? Successful people live in the now and plan for the future.

4. Do something proactive.
When you’re proactive and going forward, it’s hard to worry. Don’t sit and worry about what might happen, take action and make things happen for the positive.

5. Be grateful for what you have right now.
Gratitude is a worry buster. It’s almost impossible to worry and express gratitude at the same time. Gratitude is a positive emotion and worry is a negative one. Make time to appreciate the positive things you have now and all those things you can create in the future.

6. Be excited about the unexpected.
Spontaneity can be exciting. Go with the flow and enjoy the unexpected ups and downs of life. Live a little more in the moment and worry less about what might happen. Be glad that life is filled with surprises because they will help keep you from becoming bored.

Your mind is a powerful success tool. You can use it to worry or you can use it to go forward in positive ways. Truly, the choice is yours.
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Leadership is more than being a manager or a boss. An effective leader knows how to draw on her natural strengths and talents to encourage others to be and do their best. Are you using your “natural” leadership talents to be the leader others will choose to follow?

dog and ducks

Have you taken a good look at your natural leadership talents? Do you know how to use these talents to grow your business or a team? Would you like to become a more effective leader?

Take a few minutes to answer these questions with your first yes or no “gut” reaction. The answers could help fine-tune your natural leadership talents.

1. Do you have a vision and purpose for your personal and professional future?
2. Do you inspire others to create an empowering vision and purpose for their future?

3. Do you take ownership for your actions?

4. Are you supportive and understanding?

5. Do you set goals? Are you flexible enough to modify the goals when necessary?

6. Are you self-motivated?

7. Are you self-confident?

8. Are you consistent in your actions?

9. Are you willing to learn, grow and come out of your comfort zone?

10. Do you walk your talk?

Did you answer each question with a resounding “yes”? Each question contains an important leadership trait.

Let’s go through each question and discuss the natural leadership qualities:

1. If as a leader you do not have a sense of purpose and direction, it is difficult to get others to trust your leadership abilities and want to follow your lead.

2. To bring out the best in others, you must be able to see the best in others. Do you know how to ask the empowering and insightful questions that will have others defining their vision and purpose?

3. A leader takes responsibility.

4. Empathy is not sympathy. An empathetic leader understands and relates yet, can show others how to keep going forward in positive and productive ways.

5. Having a vision is necessary, but it is also necessary to be realistic about what can and cannot be accomplished.

6. – 7. Ongoing and consistent personal development is vital to being the effective leader others will choose to follow.

8. Consistency is a powerful personal and professional success trait. A good leader is consistent in word and action.

9. Ongoing personal and professional improvement is vital to leadership.

10. Leadership isn’t about sitting back and watching others take action. As the leader, you must be willing to show by example what you are asking others to do and accomplish.

After taking this “unscientific” quiz, what would you like to fine-tune or improve when it comes to becoming a more effective leader? How can you consistently strengthen the natural gifts and talents you already possess?

Here’s the bottom line: Learning to lead is an ongoing process. It is up to you to consistently fine-tune your natural leadership talents and skills and become the effective leader others will choose to follow.
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