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Passion and Network Marketing

Today’s post is written by guest blogger Tamara Westberg Independent Isagenix Independent Associate.

My husband and I have been network marketers since 2006. In that time we have met many other network marketers representing a myriad of products and services. As a result of these relationships, I have come to the conclusion that there are two distinct factors that draw people to a specific company and make them successful as distributors.

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* Do the product(s) or service(s) offered truly change the lives of the users in a unique, positive and empirically tangible manner?

* Does the company provide a compensation plan which allows for continued purchase of the product or service while offering the potential for further financial success…even financial freedom?

If either one of these two questions elicits a negative response, it is unlikely that an distributor will remain with a company for any significant period of time.

Most people are initially drawn to a company based upon their interest in the product or service. Even if their desire is to convert that interest into a part-time or full-time financial opportunity that “love at first sight” moment must still exist. Passion is a major contributing factor to success when it comes to building a network marketing business. If a network marketer does not believe in their company and the associated benefits offered by that relationship, it is unlikely that the marketer will be able to instill passion in anyone else.

For financial success to be realized a distributor must become a product of the product. They must eventually become an expert on the company they represent. If the passion for company does not exist, then it is unlikely they will take the time to research the very thing they want everyone else in the world to believe in.

We believe strongly in the potential for a residual income to change your life. Residual income as it is offered by network marketing, however, is just an idea unless you can find a company that answers the two important questions. Will the product or service offered improve your life; and does the company you choose offer the financial opportunity for you to enjoy that improvement for the rest of your life?

Bruce and Tamara Westberg
Isagenix Independent Associate

© Copyright 2012 Tamara Westberg – All Rights Reserved


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