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Past Money Habits

I know from personal experience that working hard and putting in the hours doesn’t mean you’ll make money! I’ve also learned that unless and until you recognize and understand what really motivates you to succeed, you’ll place limitations on your natural abilities and talents to succeed and thrive financially.

Here’s a truism: Negative money habits and financial beliefs place an emotional ceiling on your ability to produce unlimited prosperity, abundance and wealth. Making and enjoying money is a positive state of mind. It’s this positive state of mind that unconsciously fosters and nurtures an abundant and prosperous life.

Being paid what you are worth means believing that you’re worth being paid.

You have within you today, the ability to become financially self-sufficient for the rest of your life. You may want to read that statement again and again until you truly believe it!

First, there must be an unwavering belief that you deserve financial freedom.

Secondly, you must have no doubt that you are worthy of the benefits derived from unlimited prosperity.
Developing Your Personal Prosperity Profile
Here’s a hint – don’t think about the answers, just go with your first “gut” reaction. What you want to do is find those money habits that are locked in your memory. Be very honest with yourself.

1. While you were growing up, did your parents and other role models believe they were being paid what they were worth?

If you answered “NO” to this question, you’re dragging around some old childhood baggage that really should be unpacked and left behind. Limiting beliefs are best left in the past. The past is the past – learn from the lessons and go forward with new insight!

Here’s a fact: Parents who believe they were cheated by the system raise children who believe they are being cheated by the system!

Your childhood belief system is the perfect place to begin raising your beliefs about prosperity, abundance and wealth. The attitudes you have about money today, as an adult, began by believing and mirroring what your childhood role models believed and did.

The really good news! Today, you have the choice not to fall into the same negative and limiting belief systems from the past. You can choose new powerful positive empowering beliefs. How exciting is that!

To achieve a prosperous mind-set, it is important make time to discover the beliefs or thoughts that could be limiting you.
Using these activities to help look back into childhood will give you do the positive and negative things you’re doing today, valuable clues to understanding why especially about money and success.

Let’s start here:

Write down what your parents, role models, friends, parents of friends, teachers and anyone else who had an influence on your life, said about their job, their pay, the emotional rewards and financial rewards for working their day-to-day jobs. Were the important people in your life financially happy?

Your attitude toward achieving unlimited prosperity reflects the daily attitude of the important people who helped shape your life.

To figure out your adult attitudes about prosperity, abundance and wealth, figure out your childhood attitudes about prosperity, abundance and wealth. What you experienced about money as a child is locked deep inside your adult mind.

Change that lasts a lifetime begins by consciously and purposefully recognizing patterns of negativity. You may not even realize you have negative patterns. These prosperity/poverty patterns have been carried around from generation to generation and may have become a family tradition.

Being paid what you are worth means believing you’re worth being paid.
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