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Perseverance – Is It Worth The Effort?

Today’s post is written by guest blogger Sherry Martin.

I read a fine article, about a lady who is an example of perseverance. I want to share her story with you.Her name is Joanne, and she grew up in England. She attended St. Michael’s Primary School, where she discovered her love of writing fantasy stories. Her teenage years were filled with many challenges. Her mother was ill, and her father was bitter and unhappy.

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Joanne applied to attend Oxford University, and was denied. She then began her studies at the University of Exeter, where she graduated.

In 1990, she moved with her boyfriend to Manchester, England. While in Manchester, she began writing a fictional story of a young boy leaving home, and traveling by train to attend school.

Joanne’s mother passed away, and she broke up with her boyfriend. She moved to Portugal to teach English. While there, she met a man whom she married. They became parents of a daughter. Sadly, her husband was abusive, and Joanne fled back to England to live with her sister.

Seven years after graduating from college, Joanne had made no progress towards her dream of writing. She said, “I am the biggest failure I know.” On government assistance, unemployed, she suffered from depression, and contemplated suicide.

Then, something changed inside her. “I determined to do what I was meant to do – to write. I had a daughter, and a typewriter.” She would walk her baby in the stroller to a café, write chapters in longhand. She would then write the chapters on her typewriter, and sneak into the local college to key her writing on a computer.

For two years, she worked every day to complete her story. The book was submitted to 12 publishing companies, and all 12 turned her down. After more than a year of knocking on doors, Joanne found an independent publisher, who printed 1000 copies of the book.

In February the next year, the book won Children’s Book of the Year in Great Britain. In total, all seven HARRY POTTER books written by Joanne Kathleen Rowling have sold hundreds of copies. Today, JK Rowling is estimated to be worth $1 billion.

When we have a personal goal, we must change from “I can do it,” to “I WILL do it.” Never give up on our goals. Write them down, persevere, and have faith that we can accomplish our dreams!
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  • Sharon Michaels December 8, 2012, 12:30 pm

    I agree Sherry – perseverance is vital!

  • Meli December 8, 2012, 4:23 pm

    Thank you for the wonderful reminder about perseverance Sherry. Sharon Michaels reminds us not to quite before payday!

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