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Planning, Changing and Adapting

I had the “perfect” trip planned. My aunt and I were going to have a wonderful time visiting, sightseeing, going to fun places, eating out and leaving plenty of time for relaxing. It’s interesting how even the best plans can change instantly.

doctor writing on a note pad

When I arrived at the airport, I called my aunt. No one answered. I rented my car and called again. No one answered. I called again the closer I got to her house and her son-in-law answered. She was just taken to hospital and he’d wait for me so I could get into her house. All our plans had suddenly changed.

Instead of sightseeing, I visited my aunt in the hospital. Instead of spending evenings looking through family photo albums and reminiscing, I sat reading a book with her cat on my lap. Instead of . . .

Sometimes, maybe often times, life hits us with changes that we really didn’t expect or wanted to make – changes that just happen.

Here’s what I learned:

1. Even the best plans can change at a moment’s notice.

2. We have choices – we can adapt to change or wallow in the what-if’s.

3. We can look for the lessons and find the positives because they really do exist.

It took me a day to adapt to my “new” plans – the ones I didn’t know I’d have to make. I had time to do things at my own pace, to talk for hours with my aunt, to think and write, and to accept that this visit with my aunt came at exactly the right time for her and for me. I was here to keep her company in the hospital as her children worked during the day.

As I’m writing this, she’s still in the hospital and I’m in a very quiet house alone with a cat purring on my lap. The positives of this trip came because her children now realize that changes need to be made regarding her care. I was able to share with them some of my experiences with my own elderly parents and hopefully that will help them make their own care-giving decisions. I’m sure the Universe arranged this and that probably was a huge reason for my trip.

Personally, I was able to get in a little sightseeing and spend time wrapping up some emotional loose ends that I was hoping this trip would allow me to do. I adapted to the changes!

Honestly, what can we do when our plans change? We either take control and adapt to change or we wallow in the what-ifs. I’d rather be proactive than reactive. Yes, I cried a little but I realize now that I needed this time to think, write and make emotional peace with all the past changes in my life.

Even the best well thought out plans (goals) can change and when that change occurs, we have to be willing to adapt and go forward in positive ways. I’m not saying that change is always easy, but it is definitely a part of life and we have choices.

P.S. One day after I returned home, my aunt came home from the hospital and is recuperating nicely.

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  • Meli October 17, 2012, 4:35 pm

    I am glad to hear that your aunt is out of the hospital and recuperating home.
    Thank you for the reminder that we are really rarely in control and that being flexible, allowing change, can provide us with the learning experiences we need.

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