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Pull Up Your Big Girl Pants Plan of Action

Women in business, we’ve all been there – that place where you are just physically and emotionally drained and the thought of going forward feels and sounds overwhelming. I’ve got some ideas that will help you keep going forward in positive and productive ways. Are you ready to read and listen?

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Being a business owner sometimes means going forward even when you’re emotionally, spiritually and/or physically drained. I’m talking about that feeling you sometimes have to just go back to bed and pull the covers up over your head.

As an entrepreneur you have day-to-day responsibilities and being able to back to bed is often not an option. So, where do you find the strength to tap into that inner reserve of energy so you can work your business even when you don’t feel like it?

My solution is called the “pull up your big girl pants” plan of action.

We’ve all experienced days when we are sad, tired, discouraged or disappointed. It’s called being human! It’s what we choose to do when we’re feeling negative that can make the difference between going positively forward or backsliding into negative inaction. I don’t know how you feel, but I don’t like playing catch up with my day-to-day work just because I had a week long “pity party.”

I’ve come up with a “pull up your big girl pants” solution:

1. Acknowledge your emotions and spell them out. Take out paper and pen or a journal and spell out exactly how you’re feeling and why you’re feeling that way. Are you discouraged about business or are there some personal issues that need to be resolved.

I’ve found that personal issues have a way of spilling over into your business. Writing down emotions will help to sort through your negative and positive feelings. Recognizing the “what and why” of your emotions are important first steps to regaining your desire to go consistently forward in positive ways.

2. Decide to take action. Making the decision to change what isn’t working is a huge step toward becoming and staying proactive with your life and your business. You have choices; you can stay in negativity or you can choose to go forward in more positive ways.

3. Set up a plan of action. You can start with small bite-sized pieces or, you can jump in with both feet – the key is be in positive action. Ask yourself, “What am I willing to commit to doing each day to take myself positively forward, even if I don’t feel like it at the present moment.” This reminds me of the saying, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” Get up, get out and start working your business!

4. Faithfully follow your plan. This is the part where you make the emotional and physical commitment to your unstoppable success. This is where you commit to getting up each day and working your business. Think about it this way: Each positive step forward is one positive step toward keeping you going toward achieving your goals.

5. Acknowledge your successes and focus on the prize. Be grateful for each positive action you take during the day. Keep a journal or on your calendar list your accomplishments, no matter how small. Even when it’s difficult to acknowledge an accomplishment, find one. The fact you’re looking for an accomplishment is an accomplishment. Keep your eye on achieving your goal because it is the payoff for all your hard work. Make the emotional promise to yourself that you will not quit before payday.

To me, there is nothing better for negative emotions than being consistently proactive and taking positive action. Some days are easier than others. The positive emotions associated with going forward in positive and productive ways can boost the spirit and become the motivation to succeed in not only in your business but also in life.
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  • Marilyn Sarno October 24, 2013, 7:11 am


    I love the title and this was excellent. The few ideas you presented that
    I don’t do but am going to start are: write in accomplishments on my
    calendar. I love that. It also helps me evaluate my day/week for moving forward.
    I don’t always focus on the prize. So that is another one I need to work.
    Thanks. Marilyn from Phila. (now it is cold here)

    • sharonmichaels October 24, 2013, 1:50 pm

      I like to write my accomplishments on the calendar – it helps me realize how much I actually do get done. And, it gives me a sense of accomplishment.

      Thanks for your comments!

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