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Rekindling Clarity and Success With A Powerful Vision Board

This post is from guest blogger, Tess Denton who is the author of Building A Powerful Vision Board.

When you establish a new business, you begin your adventure with a sense of invincibility, and a strong desire to succeed. Along the way, you may have discovered that you need to stop from time to time, reassess your priorities, and address your use of time or even your approach to building your business. This is a natural part of being a successful and aware entrepreneur.

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If your road to success has gotten rocky, or your progress plan has become overshadowed by attention to relationships and commitments that you ignored or it has shifted during your startup phase, it may be helpful to slow the game down in order to speed it back up. It is healthy to devote some time to clarifying your vision for your business, to remind yourself of why you chose your entrepreneurial path and to refocus your energies.

The work of building and managing your business or leading a team and learning the ins and outs of commerce may occasionally make your confidence waiver. You want to be proud of the work you are doing. You want others to believe in you. If your business is new, you may be making the effort to become an expert in a field that was entirely unknown to you a year ago. During the buy-in, sign-on or startup phase of your entrepreneurial venture, you had a clear vision and confidence about your success.

Sometimes, as we dive headlong into the detail of learning about an industry, a company, its business approach and product lines, skills or services, we get overwhelmed by what is involved in building a business or a team.

Don’t despair. Delight in the opportunity to give your company a boost! You can quickly and easily reclaim your vision for your future and for your success. Your vision is like your compass. You are still the same big beautiful package of potential that you were when you started your business. You just need to reassert your vision and reroute your path to success.

It is important to pause and stop long enough to get your bearings and recommit to your goals and dreams. Getting your bearings is not only about a business plan and a set of quarterly goals. Begin by establishing your vision. In my book, “Building A Powerful Vision Board”, I describe a Vision Board as a creative method of goal setting and life transformation.

Your Vision Board is a visual expression of what you would like to see present in your life as your business grows. The process of creating a Vision Board provides an opportunity to spend focused time and energy reflecting on specific items, elements, and situations you want to attract into your business and your personal life. With a vision, while you may set some time goals, there are no deadlines or cost analyses or budgets to submit. You can be bold and specific in making your requests. Nothing you ask for is too small or too large, too much or too little.

The Vision Board creation process will help you maintain your attention to your intention. Your Vision Board will keep you from discounting your ideas. Your Vision Board is your tool for bringing your attention back to what it is you desire, each time you look at it. Your Vision Board can help you regain momentum and confidence!

You can create your “Back On Track” Vision Board in 5 easy steps.

1. Give yourself the luxury of indulging in some solitary thinking for a few minutes. There are probably dozens of things that you would like to improve, change or achieve, and each is competing for your attention. Simplify your thinking. On a sheet of paper, list the five things you most want achieve in your business in the next year.

2. Write a statement in the space below that describes how you would like your number one priority to be present in your work or life 180 days from now.

3. Set a timer for 30 minutes. Browse the Internet for information, insight, pictures and quotes related to your top priority. You will feel educated, refreshed, informed and very connected to your goal. Print as you go. You will feel educated, refreshed, informed and very connected to your goal. Add to the pictures and phrases you have selected on the Internet by browsing through magazines.

4. Assemble your materials on a foamcore board, a cube or on note cards. As you create your Vision Board, select pictures and phrases that will inspire you, remind you of your reasons for being in business for yourself and keep you centered on your goals.

5. Reflect on what you have created in this activity. Based on which medium you chose for your Vision project and make some notes and observations. Notice your degree of clarity, your confidence level and your belief in the possibility of achieving the goal on which you have focused.

Repeat this exercise any time you need to get your business back on track, rekindle your vision and bring some inspiration to your business!

To learn more about Vision Boards, visit my website: http://TessDenton.com
You can also follow my blog http://yourdestinyrising.wordpress.com

~ Tess Denton, guest blogger

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  • Sharon Michaels August 8, 2012, 12:06 pm

    My vision board has helped me achieve many of my goals – thank you Tess for this great article!

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