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Sales Are A Fact Of Business Success

Business Fact: To stay in business and become successful, you must have clients or customers who purchase your services or products. Sales is not a dirty word or something to give you knots in the stomach.


Here are a few tips:
1. Be prepared – Do you have your brochures, flyers and other ordering information with you in an organized way? Do you have a sales form or “pitch page” from which you can read the descriptions and prices? Do you have a pen? Do you have order forms?

2. Prospecting – Where are you going to locate your target market who will buy your service or product. Do you tell five new people a day about your business and products? Do you go to dinners, meetings and others functions where you can meet new people? Do you talk about your business with your doctor, hair stylist, dry cleaner and the telephone solicitor who interrupted your dinner?

3. Asking for the order – Do you come right out and ask for the sale? Don’t assume that people will ask you to buy your product – people want help with their decision making.

4. Follow through – Do you follow up with the information you’ve given out? Do you send thank you notes after the sale? Do you suggest additional products as someone is placing an order?

5. Develop a plan – What is your sales plan for your business success? Have you written out your sales goals and objectives? Do you know how many new clients or new sales per month will produce a profit for your business?

Your mind-set toward selling and sales could make the difference between a profitable business and a hobby. What’s your sales success plan?
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