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Sales is About Getting to YES

Sales is not about being slick, dishonest or talking someone into buying something they don’t want or need. Selling is about providing a benefit that will enhance and enrich a potential buyer’s life now and into the future. The Y.E.S. in sales is all about finding the win-win for everyone involved.



Let’s look at the importance of Y.E.S.

To find that ideal win-win sales solution, it is important to understand how your customer’s past experiences may affect present and future buying decisions. When talking with a prospective buyer, it is important to understand what they know or have heard about what you are offering.

Example: Let’s say you are in network marketing and preparing to offer your prospect an opportunity to join your company. It is important to find out what your potential buyer knows or has heard about network marketing in general. You can say something like: “I’m curious to hear what you know about network marketing.”

Knowing the mindset of your buyer means you can fortify the positives and be prepared to overcome the negatives.

It’s important to also understand how what you’re offering will impact your prospect today, in the present. This means painting a picture of how your service or product can potentially make everyday better, easier or more satisfying. You are showing the buyer how to use and apply what you are offering so that it fits into their “real-world” life.

Example: Let’s go back to the network marketing example. You’ve asked some good open-ended questions and found out that $300 a month will make paying bills much easier. Now you can help them paint a “real world” picture of what $300 can do for them today, and everyday. What challenges can be overcome with an additional $300 in the bank? How would they feel knowing there is $300 extra for the family to enjoy?

Basically, you are helping your prospect take ownership of earning extra money and how it will be an everyday benefit in their lives.

Applying the benefits of your product or service to the future is important for closing the sale. You want the buyer to understand how their someday could be bigger, brighter and better.

Example: Let’s go back to our network marketing scenario. Your potential buyer can see the everyday benefit of an extra $300 but can they visualize the someday benefits? Can they see the potential benefits of growing a network marketing business to provide $300 a month in passive income? This is the time to help them visualize short term and long term goals.

The closing of the sale, the YES, comes when you help your potential buyer picture a future that is better than the one they have today because they purchased your product or service.

The great sales trainer Zig Ziglar said it best when he said: “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”
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