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Should Your Business Have a Brand?

A brand is like your business fingerprint – unique and one of a kind. Every part of your marketing campaign, from business cards to web presence, should carry your brand message. A prospect or customer should look at your marketing campaign and immediately identify it with you and your business.

the word branding on a green chalk board freedigitalphotos.net Here is a definition of “brand”: A name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies your goods or services as distinct from those selling similar goods and services. When I think of a “brand” I immediately think of the iconic brand Coca-Cola™. Business Week magazine rated Coca-Cola™ as the #1 most recognizable brand in the world. Why do you believe this brand is so recognizable?

Let’s take a look at the various elements that make up a brand:

1. Name: The words used consistently to identify a company, product or service.

2. Logo: The visual artwork, etc. that immediately identifies the product or service.

3. Tagline or Catchphrase: That short “infomercial” or wording that is associated with product.

4. Graphics: Art that is consistently associated with the name of the service or product.

5. Colors: The same colors are used in all ads, websites and marketing.

6. Shapes: The unique shape that can immediately be associated with the product.

7. Sounds: A jingle or tune that is identified with the company or product.

Using Coco-Cola™ as the example, how many of these various elements are found in basic Coco-Cola™ brand? Can see you why it is an iconic brand?

Let’s get back to your business. Building your brand begins with knowing your target market and what you bring to that market. The first question to ask yourself is, who/what is my target market? When you tie your brand to a specific target market, you’re giving yourself the tools to become a recognizable leader within your market.

Do you want your brand to be a logo, tagline, contain consistent colors or may be it becomes your picture and name? Whatever branding method you choose, the key is to use it consistently!

Here is an example of my brand:Sharon Michaels picture and logo
I’m using my name, color, a tagline and graphics as my consistent and recognizable brand.
Your brand should be prominent on your:
· Websites
· Blogs
· Social Media accounts
· Articles and Guest Blog Posts
· Syndicated Content
· Sales Pages
· Business Cards and Brochures

The profitable marketing goal is to become a recognizable “brand” within your target market. It is well worth your time and effort to consistently brand your marketing materials. Branding your business will help set you above the others within your industry. What’s your unique brand – your business fingerprint?

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