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Simple Solutions Saturday – Big Purses Can Be a Pain

Simple Solutions Saturday

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Big purses are a pain – literally.

I read this in the newspaper recently and I thought I’d share…

A big purse can be a real pain. And not just because you can’t find anything in it. It can hurt your back and maybe your neck and possibly your knees.

Trudi Pratt, a chiropractor in Redding, California, says people weren’t designed to carry weight just on one side. Slinging a heavy purse over your shoulder year after year throws your body off balance. Your muscles and bones try to compensate. That can affect your gait and lead to pressure, pains and bones not moving in the way they should naturally.

“You’re looking at long- term problems. It’s throwing the spine out of alignment,” she said.

Carry a smaller purse, use a backpack or a purse with a long enough strap so that it can go over the shoulder and across the body and rest on the opposite hip.

From: Caliente! www.azstarnet.com

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