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Simple Solutions Saturday – Blog Ideas

Simple Solutions Saturday

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Quick Tips to Help Grow Your Business and Yourself!

Tips busy women in business can read in under a minute and use for years to come…
Blog Ideas to Get Your Readers Engaged
1. Fun Videos
Videos are great because they show rather than just tell about products and services. Create videos to inform your customers about your business and/or products. Make it fun and you’ll increase the chances of your video being shared and going viral.

2. Case Studies
Case studies are great because they accomplish so many things at once. They attract readers, showcase clients, educate customers, and show off the benefits of using your business/products.

3. Customer Success Stories
Similar to case studies, customer success stories work as testimonials for your business. When a customer thanks you or tells you how your business helped them, ask if they’d mind being featured on your blog. If they prefer, keep them anonymous.

4. Lists and Checklists
Lists and checklists are favorites of readers for so many reasons. They’re easy to read and digest. Top ten lists are always a crowd-please.

5. Infographics
Infographics are visual representations of information. They give your readers another way to digest the information you offer.
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