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Summer Business Series

Hi everyone, this is blog owner Sharon Michaels and I am excited to introduce Sally Ann Murphy. Sally Ann is a busy and successful business owner who has agreed to be our guest blogger for a series of summer “how-to” blogs. Sally Ann is going to share some great ideas with us so we can keep our businesses booming and thriving during these hot and hectic summer months.

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With that introduction, here’s business owner extraordinaire Sally Ann Murphy:

Happy summer everyone! I’m so glad Sharon asked me to be a guest blogger on her new “go-to” blog for women in business. My goal is to visit with you and share some of the how-to’s and strategies that have kept my business thriving and profitable during these busy summer months.

I know from personal experience that keeping my business going through the summer isn’t always easy. I’ve also learned that if you approach summer business the right way, you can have fun in the sun and still keep your business going forward.

I’m a work from home mom of teenagers. My house is filled with not only my own teenagers but it seems like most of the neighborhood teens are here too. As a family, we like to camp and vacation in remote areas that are not WiFi equipped. Yes, I’ve learned how to spend days without Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Regardless of vacationing in isolated areas, somehow I always manage to make it through and my business seems to go on without me.

I’m so glad Sharon has given me this opportunity to share some of my summer strategies with you. Here are a few things we’ll be talking about in the days to come:

  • How to stay motivated during the summer months
  • How to avoid summer distractions
  • How to keep your business moving forward, even if summer is your slow season
  • How to go on vacation and still make sales
  • How to generate traffic, stay on top of social media and keep your blog content fresh while you are busy having some summer fun.

I hope you’ll join me for this summer journey. If you haven’t already, I’d recommend signing up for the RSS feed or email updates, so you don’t miss a thing. I’ll be talking with you soon!

Sally Ann Murphy, guest blogger
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  • sharonmichaels July 15, 2012, 4:04 pm

    Welcome Sally Ann – we are all excited to learn more about keeping our businesses going forward during the summer. Thank you for becoming a guest blogger!

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