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The ABC’s of a Successful Leader

An effective leader has to possess many positive traits and habits if they want to achieve and maintain a positive and productive team.
leadership abc's
Let’s have some fun and go through the positive traits and habits of leadership from A – Z.

A = Attitude – Day-to-day positive outlook for achieving success.
B = Balance – Finding work and home stability to support success.
C = Creativity – New ways to look at the future.
D = Dreams – Seeing what is possible and going for it.
E = Expectations – Expecting positive results from positive actions.
F = Focus – Keeping the important things important.
G = Goals – A step-by-step road map to an empowered future.
H = Humor – Finding the bright side during the ups and downs.
I = Integrity – Doing the right thing for all involved.
J = Joyful – Being happy you’re doing what you love.
K = Knowledge – Consistently learning and growing in life and business.
L = Leadership – Being the role model others will choose to follow.
M = Mindset – Cultivating and maintaining the positive thoughts of success.
N = Network – Connecting with people who are positive influences.
O = Optimism – Believing there is a bright light at the end of tunnel.
P = Planning – A positive strategy for designing tomorrow today.
Q = Questions – Learning what is important by asking and listening.
R = Realistic – Looking and seeing what is possible and practical.
S = Systems – Organizing your business into bite-sized pieces.
T = Tenacity – Never giving up before pay day.
U = Understanding – A peaceful inner knowing and acceptance.
V = Visionary – Seeing the future as bright and powerful.
W = Willpower – Keeping going even when the going gets rough.
X = Xtra – Happily going the “xtra” mile when necessary.
Y = Yes – A powerful word when used at the right time.
Z = Zeal – The eagerness and passion when going for your goals.

Here is the definition of leadership from Dictionary.com:
“The action of leading a group of people or an organization.
Synonyms: guidance, direction, control, management.”

What do you think, do the ABC’s fit into the definition?

Team Building Activity:Have fun creating your own ABC’s of Leadership Success with your team. As a group, either in person or on a conference call, brainstorm a trait or habit for each of the twenty-six letters. Post your ABC’s on your team website, Facebook Group page, etc.
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