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The Canine Closet in Tucson – Charlene Franzen

Guest blogger and Sponsor Spotlight – Charlene Franzen creative owner of The Canine Closet in Tucson.

The Canine Closet in Tucson creates unique apparel and accessories for those dogs whose owners can appreciate the quality and love that we sew into each of our hand-made products.

Charlene Franzen - the Canine Closet of Tucson We offer fashionable harness vests, coats and dresses suitable for every day use as well as special occasion attire. We even make wedding gowns and tuxedos for pampered pups

The Canine Closet is proud to be a licensed vendor with the University of Arizona, and dresses are always a big hit at events throughout Arizona.

The Canine Closet in Tucson grew out of my love for sewing, but it has evolved into something much more for me. It is about sharing joy with other dog lovers. I see the smiles and hear the gasps as people walk up to my booth and see the eclectic display of colorful outfits. I’m usually accompanied by my dog Maisy. I adopted her from a local shelter to be the small dog spokes model of The Canine Closet. She has become my heart and soul. When Maisy approaches to greet people they often respond with laughter. It’s okay to laugh at my dog. It’s unavoidable, actually, because she is so darn cute in her outfits.

zoe coat - the canine closet of tucson The Canine Closet is about developing rewarding relationships with dogs and their loving owners.

Like Zoe and her mom Linda. Zoe is a 3 to 4 pound rescued Chihuahua with “spindly little legs” as Linda calls them. Zoe has very little fur to keep her warm and she liked to wriggle out of every little jacket Linda had put on her. Linda would get up during the night to find Zoe half out of her jacket and cold. Linda asked if I could help and I had the honor of designing a coat for Zoe from which she can not wriggle out. She stays warm at night and Linda gets a more restful night sleep. The “The Zoe Coat” is available as a custom order from The Canine Closet.

If you have a special dog with a special wardrobe need, please contact charlene@thecaninecloset.com. I’d love to help. I will work with you one-on-one and ship anywhere in the United States.
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Charlene and Maisy Guest blogger Charlene Franzen, owner of the Canine Closet in Tucson.

Please visit her website at: http://www.thecaninecloset.com/

And, her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/thecaninecloset/

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