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The Power of the Platform

If you’ve been around “speakers” for any length of time you’ve heard the phrase, “power of the platform.” You don’t have to be a professional speaker to honor the power of the platform; you just have to appreciate the power that comes with speaking in front of an audience.

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Who has the power of the platform and what does it mean to you when you stand to introduce yourself, or train your team or post on the Internet?

Any person who has the undivided attention of an audience, whether the audience is large or small, has the power of the platform. A platform is any “stage” that affords you the opportunity to deliver your message. Today, the power of platform extends to Social Media as well. Your platform can be in front of thousands or speaking one-to-one. Anytime you have the full attention of an audience, you the power of the platform.

Please remember that there is power in having the attention of others! Anytime you have the stage, either a physical or Internet stage, you have the power to influence the lives of others and that, is a powerful responsibility!

When you stand to give your 30-second infomercial, deliver a report at a meeting, make a speech to your team or begin a training session, you have the power of the platform. When you post a picture or write an opinion on Facebook, deliver a webinar or conduct an Internet radio show, you have the power of the platform. The power of the platform comes from having the power to influence and change lives.

How do you honor the power of the platform?

  • Be prepared to provide value when you stand to speak or post on the Internet.
  • Know your audience and make an effort not to offend their values and beliefs.
  • Leave your audience more informed than before you communicated with them.

Each time you to stand to speak, communicate on the Internet or create training materials, you have the power to influence those listening in the audience or reading your materials – you have the power of the platform.

My suggestion is to take that responsibility seriously and strive to always honor the power of the platform.
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  • Deborah July 14, 2013, 7:30 pm

    It’s so important to keep in mind that you are influencing your audience. It doesn’t matter what the format of your presentation is. It all matters.

    • sharonmichaels July 30, 2013, 8:23 pm

      You’re so right Deborah – everytime we get up to speak, we can influence others. Thank you for our insight!

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