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The Way Financially Successful Women Think

It makes perfect sense, financially successful women do certain things that woman who aren’t so financially savvy don’t do. So, what are the habits of these financially successful women?

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1. Financially savvy women are willing to take well thought out risks.
The key words are “well thought out.” To make and grow money involves some calculated risks – some coming out of your comfort zone. The key is educating yourself about the risks and the benefits.

Ask questions, listen to the answers and weigh the options carefully.

2. Set financial goals and then work diligently to achieve them.
Tenacity, perseverance and determination are all words that come to mind when thinking about achieving goals. It’s the same mind-set for your financial goals. It’s all about having a plan and then committing to faithfully working that plan until goals become reality.

3. Develop a “savings” mentality.
I think you’ll agree, the days of the ”earn it and quickly spend” mentality are over. The latest financial crisis has shown us that preparation is key to financial security. It’s important to enjoy money and it’s just as important to have a plan for investing and saving money for your future. Investing wisely and saving carefully will ensure financial independence now and into the future.

4. Financially savvy women know how to take care of themselves.
They don’t expect to be handed money, they know how to earn their own money.

5. Generosity is a key element to financial success.
I’m not saying give all your money away; I’m saying that gratitude is a major factor for enjoying and acquiring financial security. Financially successful women know that the more money they make, save and enjoy, the more they can share with those causes that are important to them emotionally and spiritually. Financial success affords the opportunity to be generous.

Do you have anything to add to this checklist? Please leave a comment and let us know what you think.
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