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Third Secret of Success – The Power of Dedication

The third and final part of our Secrets of Success series is the power of Dedication. I’m talking about the unwavering dedication you’ll be making to your successes. You know, the type of dedication that combines desire and determination with the powerful mental, physical and emotional focus that keeps you motivated toward the future.

success secret #3

Let me ask you: Do you truly want to succeed at your goals? Are you willing to make an unwavering commitment to success? Those are just two questions I think about when I think of the power of dedication. If you truly want to succeed and to make your goals a reality then it takes an emotional, physical and sometimes even a financial dedication to your future.

Miriam-Webster Online Dictionary defines dedication as: A devoting or setting aside for a particular purpose. Other words associated with dedication are: unwavering, firm, steadfast, steady, untiring, dogged, resolute, and unswerving.

Maybe the best definition of all comes from legendary movie mogul Cecil B. de Mille, “Most of us serve our ideals by fits and starts. The person who makes a success of living is the one who sees his goal steadily and aims for it unswervingly. That is dedication.”

Question: How do you tap into your unwavering dedication to succeed?

Answer: As soon as you become convinced that no one can dissuade you from going forward, toward your goal, you have developed dedication. You are dedicated to a positive outcome as soon as you develop the positive mental attitude of success. A dedicated positive mental attitude is one that combines your desire and determination to succeed with an unstoppable belief in yourself and your goals. This unstoppable belief to succeed must be strong enough to keep you going forward, no matter the twists and turns in your path.

The practical aspect of dedication begins with developing and executing a viable plan of action. This is a workable plan that combines the emotional and physical aspects of success – it is a combination of your powerful “why” and the day-to-day how-tos for making success reality. Dedication comes from somewhere deep inside – it is a strong and powerful desire and determination to succeed.

Ask yourself these three questions:

1. Is there a modern day or historical figure who has inspired me with their dedication to a purpose, cause or goal? Could it be someone who accomplished what I am setting out to accomplish? How soon can I get to the library or bookstore to pick up their biography?

There are many motivational and practical lessons we can learn from successful people. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel – learn the lessons and strategies from those who have gone before and succeeded.

2. How can I break my goals for the future into bite-sized pieces? Going forward begins with the first step. Sometimes though, the first step can be the most difficult. Dedication means devoting yourself to doing at least one positive thing each day toward achieving your goal. Yes, each day!

Break your goal into daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly tasks. When you have a doable and viable plan of action, it is easier to see the practical “hows” for actually making your vision a reality. With dedication comes an inner commitment to going positively forward, one determined step at a time.

3. How will I keep my desire, determination and dedication alive and strong in the weeks and months to come? It’s a fact of life, we become discouraged when things aren’t going as planned. How will you tap into those inner motivators? Is it a vision board, motivational and inspirational audios, a telephone call with a loved one, journaling or maybe some time spent in nature? What will keep your dedication for achieving your goal alive and strong?

Dedication to making your goal reality takes an unwavering ability to tap into your inner motivators – the reason(s) you are determined to achieve and succeed. Successful people have the ability to motivate themselves toward success with a powerful desire and determination that comes from somewhere deep within.

Achieving your goal combines all three of our Secrets of Success – Desire, Determination and Dedication. The more in tune you are with your burning desire, unstoppable determination and unwavering dedication to success, the more success you will be enjoying today, tomorrow and into the future.

A final quotation from Patty Berg, a founding member and then leading player on the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) Tour during the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s, sums it up best: “What does it take to be a champion? Desire, dedication, determination, concentration and the will to win.”

I believe in your ability to succeed and thrive today, tomorrow and in the many years ahead – here’s to your unstoppable success!
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