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Understanding Your Success Values and Beliefs

If you aren’t achieving guilt-free success and enjoying unlimited prosperity the way you instinctively know you can, it’s time to discover the reason behind the hesitancy to succeed. Do you understand your success values and beliefs?

The amount of success and happiness you’ll allow yourself to achieve and enjoy, are deeply rooted in the powerful and controlling value and belief system you learned as a child and, are now experiencing as an adult. Recognizing your conscious and unconscious value and belief system is vital to understanding what you believe as “truth” about yourself and your right to be successful.

values and beliefs
Values and beliefs are those powerful, and sometimes forgotten –
…right and wrongs,
…can and can’t do’s
…must and must not’s
…should and shouldn’t’s
…needs and don’t need’s, and that are now buried deep within your conscious and unconscious mind.

The ability to recognize and understand your values and beliefs and the role they play in adult successes can potentially save you hours of needless frustration and disappointment. Subtle, yet emotionally powerful, self-sabotaging behaviors can be the leading cause of forgotten goals, hopes and dreams.

When your values and beliefs are in emotional conflict with your goals and aspirations, the only way your mind can reconcile the conflict is by sabotaging anything that brings you discomfort.

You have an internal barometer of success that acts like a “fail safe” mechanism for determining what you’ll allow yourself to achieve. Conflicting values and beliefs can be a major factor in triggering the unconscious internal barometer that sabotages goals, dreams and successes.

As an impressionable child, you unconsciously learned how you should view yourself and your abilities. The unconscious and conscious impression your successes and disappointments had on you as a child, still have a profound impact on your confidence level and desire to succeed as an adult.

Unconscious inner conflict often begins when deeply rooted childhood values and beliefs and newly formed adult values and beliefs are at odds with one another. Your unconscious mind clings to the tried and true while your conscious mind longs to experience new things. Don’t underestimate the power of your unconscious mind. Remember, the unconscious mind makes your most consistent thoughts reality – it doesn’t care if those thoughts are positive or negative, real or imagined.

Is it time to recognize, understand and analyze your belief system regarding success and prosperity? Write down all the beliefs you have about success – especially your success. Take your time and give this exercise some serious thought. This simple exercise could become a birds-eye view into your conscious and unconscious values and beliefs about achieving and enjoying success.

Success Truth: You have the power to create greatness, if you give yourself the power to succeed.
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