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What’s The Difference Between A Website and a Blog?

All Blogs are Websites, but not all Websites are Blogs.

Websites are fairly static in nature and don’t change much over time. Blogs are very dynamic and can be changed as often as you wish by creating new content as easily as using a word processor.

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WordPress gives you the flexibility to create a Website, a Blog or both. Truly, the only thing that distinguishes your Website as a Blog is whether you post new content on a regular basis. You can just as easily create a static website using WordPress as using conventional Website development tools.

Why use WordPress?

WordPress is a very popular platform for several reasons:
1. I know it’s easy to dismiss something free as being worth what you paid for it, but that would not be a good assumption when it comes to WordPress.com. You’ll have a great deal of functionality and a good looking Website/Blog.

2. If you just have to have that unique domain name then you’ll need a hosted version of WordPress from www.wordpress.org. Before purchasing a hosting package, be sure that what you’re getting supports WordPress. Equally important in this decision is that the host provides an automated means of installing your WordPress Website/Blog. This will make your initial experience much smoother.

3. WordPress offers hundreds of free themes to give you the look you want. A theme can be likened to a template that defines how your site is laid out, the color scheme and the navigation of your site to mention a few. If you have special needs that may not be satisfied by the free themes, there are many premium themes available in the marketplace at reasonable prices.

4. WordPress also uses something called plugins. Plugins are optional, but they offer a whole host of additional functions at little or no cost to you. There are plugins to eliminate SPAM, plugins for Search Engine Optimization, plugins for social networking and many other features too numerous to mention here.

5. New capabilities are constantly being added to WordPress so it’s not likely to become outdated. And the best part is that it’s easy to use.

Word Press is not the only platform available for building websites and/or blogs, but its popularity and support is a testament to its utility.

Thank you to guest blogger Oleg for sharing his suggestions with us.

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  • Meli November 28, 2012, 9:57 am

    I am so glad my blog is through Wordpress. Being technologically challenged (I have other strengths) I find it fairly easy to use. Wondering if it would be helpful to “update” when an update is available or would it cause any problems?

  • Oleg December 1, 2012, 7:56 am

    That’s a good question. Here’s what I do and why. I always wait a few weeks or so to see if the latest update is stable. Sometimes new bugs can appear in updates. The next thing I look for is whether the update deals with plugging security leaks. Security issues are huge with me since I’ve experienced being hacked on version 2.7 of WordPress a few years ago. If security is at stake I may update sooner than later.

    There are always some caveats with updates. First, always backup your database before upgrading. Second, check to see if all your plugins are compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Sometimes you’ll need to decide go or no-go based on the compatibility of a key plugin you use. Third, have a recovery plan. What if everything looks like a go and after you upgrade your system isn’t working. What now? The answer to this question can take multiple posts so I won’t attempt to elaborate in this comment.

    So, to sum it up, yes upgrade, but do your homework first.

  • Mary December 1, 2012, 9:22 am

    Sharon, thanks for posting this timely topic.

    Meli… yes, do the updates. With the WordPress updates, all you should expect is better performance. Some plug-ins, like NextGen Gallery, do cause issues, especially if you have customized them. In some cases, you will have to go back and do the customizations again after the update.

    As a graphic designer and business owner, I have created several WordPress websites over the past couple of years. It can be as easy or as complex as you want or need it to be. Beginners can get up and running in an hour or so. For more complex jobs, there is more involved behind the scenes. I just completed a major website makeover for a client. The previous website used Dreamweaver. I built their new website completely in WordPress, using the hosted WordPress.org version. Many plug-ins were utilized along with a premium theme. Graphic design, photography, and custom css lent a hand to give the website the feel the client was looking for.

    I look forward to helping many more business owners / people create their WordPress website. I bring technical know-how, knowledge of WordPress, and design elements to the job to create a visually pleasing experience for the end-user.

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