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Why Have a Web Presence?

In a nutshell: Your web presence is an inexpensive way to advertise whatever you have to offer.

If you have ever had the experience as a small business owner of investing in business cards, letterhead or a promotional flyer of some type only to have something change that’s made it all obsolete then, you’ll really appreciate the Web.

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I’ve had this experience not once, but twice when the phone company changed my area code. More than $1,000 of printed matter was nothing more than scrap paper and I had no control whatsoever. This can also happen because of human error like proof reading our own copy and missing a key mistake.

These can be very costly and nerve wracking experiences that can be corrected in a blink of an eye on a Website/Blog. What this means for you is you have full control of what you want your customers or clients to read, see, hear or watch. If something needs to be changed no matter what the reason may be, you have the capability to do so.

You have a place to send customers to find out everything you want them to know about your business without all of the expense of printed matter with perhaps the exception of the business card. Business cards after all are relatively inexpensive and should be given out freely as one of your least expensive forms of advertising with your Website/Blog address prominently displayed. If someone decides to toss your card it doesn’t have the same financial impact as seeing your newly printed tri-color brochure going into the circular file, although both can have a bruising effect on the ego.

While you’ve probably heard that websites can be quite expensive to develop and maintain, a WordPress Blog provides an inexpensive platform that can function as a Website and a Blog. You’ll not only have a place to tell your prospective customers/clients all about your business, but you’ll be able to extend your reach beyond those persons with whom you personally come into contact.

So, if you can significantly reduce the cost of printed matter and have a forum to potentially attract business you’d otherwise never see and you could do it all on a shoestring budget, I’d say you have a great benefit.

Thank you to guest blogger Oleg for sharing his suggestions with us.
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