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Women Supporting Women – Fact or Fiction

Is it a myth that women are supportive and encouraging of another woman’s business success and good fortune? Do women willingly lend a supportive hand to a woman climbing the ranks and going for her goals? I have mixed feelings about whether women are willing to support women and here is why.

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Maybe this is more of an “editorial” than an article. As a coach and mentor to women entrepreneurs, the topic of women supporting women in business is something I seem to deal with on a daily basis. I’ve seen first hand the positive side and the not-so-positive side of women dealing with other women who maybe more successful or are more ambitious than they are themselves. There are times when I literally shake my head and wonder how women can be so “catty” and backstabbing.

Here are some of the examples I’ve seen personally:

1. In an office setting, older and more experienced women are undermining the potential successes of younger women by not getting paper work to the right people at the right time. To her superiors, the younger woman looked as if she was not dependable.

2. In a network marketing setting, a few women “leaders” in the company started “in fighting” among the different side-lines and managed to divide the company so no one leader would get more awards and recognition than the others. It became a “them against me” mindset and culture within the company.

3. Women taking full credit for an idea that was presented to them by a less experienced and trusting younger woman.

4. Women gossiping about one another and asking their team or office mates to choose sides. I’ve seen women who seem to enjoy creating drama to stir the pot of unrest so they can emotionally control others.

5. A woman in a position of power and leadership being told something in confidence and than using that information against the other woman for her own gain.

Here’s what I believe: If women truly want to achieve equal pay, equal rights and the recognition we deserved as intelligent and capable moneymaking entrepreneurs, we must come together in an environment of empowerment, respect and support.

I’m not talking about sitting around holding hands and singing campfire songs, I’m talking about respecting one another for our talent and intelligence. I’m talking about realizing that the pie of success gets bigger and that there is more than enough recognition and money for everyone. I’m talking about knowing that supporting and empowering other women is also supporting our own future successes.

Here is an empowering truism: There is synergy and energy when like-minded success-oriented women come together to support and empower one another to greater personal and professional success. So let me ask you this: What have you done lately to support not only your successes, but also the success of the other businesswomen you know?
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