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Working From Home – Is It For You?

There are three questions you’ll want to ask yourself if you’re thinking of starting a home-based business, telecommuting or spending more time working in your home office. Working from home takes planning and skill.

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1. Do you work well alone? One thing I’ve learned working from home is that you spend many hours alone. Even if you have family in the house, you’ll be spending time working by yourself.

It can get lonesome without coworkers to talk with or with whom to discuss ideas. It is important that you are comfortable spending hours by yourself. Even if you’re comfortable working alone, I suggest joining networking groups or participating in a mastermind group of like-minded entrepreneurs to exchange ideas and interact.

2. Do you manage your time wisely? It is easy to lose track of time or waste time when you’re working from home. There is the luxury of flexibility working from home in fact, you can even work in your slippers if you choose. With that flexibility comes the tendency not to use time wisely. Sometimes, there’s almost too much flexibility.

It is just as important to have a well thought out work schedule when working from home as it does with any job. Planning out the workday is a must! It is important to set goals, write out a to-do list and have well thought out moneymaking activities.

3. Are you easily distracted? There are many distractions working from home. There can be the family, telephone interruptions, television, computer games or finishing the laundry. It takes an almost laser-beam like focus to work effectively while life goes on around the house.

I’ve learned a few tricks to block out the distractions: (1) I plug in earphones and listen to music; (2) A few mornings a week, I get up early to work a couple of hours while the family is asleep and then take a nap during the day; (3) I set up a sign with a big $ (dollar sign) on the edge of my desk that means, “I’m making money, please do not disturb.” Those are a few suggestions, but you’ll want to find what works for you and your household.

Working from home is wonderful. The downside for many work at home entrepreneurs can be the discipline it takes to work alone, manage time wisely and eliminate distractions. I know if you want to work from home successfully, you’ll find a way to fine-tune your laser-beam entrepreneurial focus.

Here is a link to my YouTube video of this blog post: https://youtu.be/NDfGyNIB8ZY

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