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Working When You Don’t Feel Like It

I’ve been battling a nasty cold this past week and quite frankly I haven’t felt like working. But as a business owner, work doesn’t necessarily stop because I’m not feeling well. If you find yourself needing to work even when you don’t feel like it, here are some suggestions:

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1. Make a day-to-day list of what absolutely must be done to keep your business operating. When I wasn’t feeling well and only had enough energy to do those things that absolutely had to be done, I made a list of “must-do” tasks. List all the things that need to be done to keep your business running smoothly.

2. Which of the “must do’s” can you postpone or delegate? I started looking at my goals, “must-do” list and calendar, to see if there were things I could postpone for a few days – things that would not affect the well being of my business. When you’re assessing your “must-do’s”, pick and choose carefully because it’s important to complete those tasks that will directly affect your reputation and bottom line. Is there someone who can step in and do some of the tasks for you?

3. Prioritize. I’ve learned that when I’m not feeling well, it is important to keep the important things important. Prioritize – do the most important things while you have the energy to think clearly and effectively.

4. Work with, and not against, your energy levels. When your energy level is strong, do those tasks that take greater concentration, thought and stamina. When your energy level is lower, do those tasks that take less concentration. I’ve learned not to fight my energy level, but to work with it.

5. Be kind, gentle and patient with yourself. It’s exhausting and nonproductive to play mind games with yourself, especially when you’re not feeling well. Accept the fact that you may not be able to work as long, as hard or as quickly as you normally do and then, adjust your workday accordingly.

Those are the lessons I’ve learned this past week. Honestly, there were days when I didn’t even want to see my computer. I found the key to working my business was prioritizing and working with, and not against, my energy levels.
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