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Worrying is a Waste of Time

I have to admit, I can be a worrier. I can sit and worry about things that may happen in the future and things that have happened in past. I can worry about things I didn’t do. I can worry about things I should be doing. I won’t bore you with more, I’m sure you’re getting the picture. I wouldn’t call myself a worry wart, just a worrier.

What a waste of time and energy to sit and worry!

worry less

With my confession made public, I’ve come up with some ways to eliminate my “need” to worry.

1. We eliminated television. Yep, we don’t have a TV in the house. It was a negative drain on our time and energy. During the past year I’ve found very few things to watch that were uplifting and empowering.

2. My husband and I began having monthly and weekly planning meetings. I’m more focused and organized when I know what needs to be done and by when. This is our way of not assuming the other person knows what’s happening during the month.

3. I ask myself “How many ways will I…” It takes a bit of time, but I sit with pen and paper and brainstorm solutions to challenges. How many ways will I has proven to be a powerful phrase for me – it starts my proactive juices flowing

4. I meditate, visualize and pray. Sometimes you have to give it over to a higher power. I still take action and am proactive. I’ve learned over the years to not always worry about how something will happen, but believe and expect the best solution will be found.

5. I’ve learned to focus on what I want and not on what I don’t want. Instead of focusing on the negative, I turn it around and affirm a positive outcome. For example focusing on what I don’t want might go something like this: I hope it doesn’t rain the day of our trip. Focusing on what I want: Our trip is going to be fun and relaxing.

Today I am an empowered problem solver.

Please share what you would add to this list or any words of wisdom for our readers. It’s about women supporting women!

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