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Writing a Special Report

When I first began my business I decided to write everyday. It became a habit. I’d get up an hour early each morning, at least five days a week, and write for at least an hour. My goal was to produce at least one new Special Report a month – more if I could.

A Special Report isn’t a book or an eBook. Generally a special report is on one topic and focuses on one issue of that topic. A special report is comprehensive and detailed.

Here’s how I organized my writing:
1. I’d choose a topic for the current week and I’d write for an entire week on that one topic.

2. I’d carefully organize my topic. Basically I went through the who, what, where, when, why and how of my subject. An outline would begin to form and this became the highlights or main points of my special report.

3. Next came what I wanted the reader to learn from each of the main important points of my outline. For each main point I wrote out what benefit the reader would receive – how would reading that main point grow them or their business?

4. I decided what research I needed to do in order to write accurately. Compile a reading list and find the relevant facts or figures. I gathered all that material together and began to organize it according to topics on the outline.

5. I started writing in a logical sequence – from the introduction and beginning of the topic to the conclusion. My goal was to be a informational, motivational and as interesting as possible.

6. In my opinion a Special Report should be a minimum of five to six pages. It must be of value to the reader. Depending on the content and length of the report, some of my reports where single to a space and half line spacing – double space is easiest to read. Make it easy to read. Use bold, italic and bullet points. Don’t over do the fancy touches – it’s the content that counts.

When beginning to write your Special Report, ask yourself this question: What does my ideal audience (the audience reading my report) want to begin, expand, solve or resolve relating to my special report? How can I help them?

Decide what type of a Special Report you’ll be writing:
~ A how-to
~ A resource guide
~ An overview of the topic
~ A review

Think of each main topic as a stand-alone article of about 400 – 800 words or more. All the articles logically tie into one another and form a worthwhile Special Report. Down the road if you’ve written several Special Reports that blend well together, think about grouping them into a book or workshop.

A well-written information packed Special Report can sell anywhere from $5-10, or give them away as a bonus or freebie item.
Please, share your thoughts and comments with us. We’d love to hear from you. Thank you for reading this post.

Sharon Michaels
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