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Writing Challenge – Gratitude

On my Sharon Michaels Author Facebook page I posted a writing challenge. I took up the November 2017 challenge and here are my thoughts about gratitude.

November Writing Challenge

I want to start with a definition of Gratitude. Here is the Dictionary.com definition – The quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful

I am grateful and thankful for so many things in my life…
Coaching clients
The ability and opportunity to write
My wonderful husband, family and friends
The food on our table
And much, much more.
But when I think of my life as a whole, I am grateful for the opportunities I’ve had I to make choices.

When I read about women in other parts of the world and in other cultures, I am reminded how very fortunate I am. I admit not every choice I’ve made was a good one, but I was free to make those choices.

Throughout my life I’m been free to learn and grow because of my choices. Looking back I wish I had been wiser about some of the choices I made. There was one point during my twenties and thirties when I kept making the same choices, achieving the same results and wondering why I wasn’t satisfied with what I was getting. I remember the saying: If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting.

Sure, there were times when I felt stuck and my choices seemed limited or nonexistent. Choosing to feel that way was a choice. Choosing to complain was a choice. Choosing to give away my power was a choice. Choosing inaction over action, was a choice. Choosing to feel and act disempowered was a choice. I am grateful I’ve learned to think carefully about my choices. I’ve learned too that choices have consequences – even the smallest choice can impact the future.

I am thankful and grateful every day for my ability to be able to make choices. I am thankful and grateful for the lessons learned from the not so good choices. I am thankful and grateful for being able to appreciate and enjoy the rewards of my wise choices.

Thank goodness for choices!

Sharon Michaels
Author, blogger and success teacher
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