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Yes, You Do Have a Crystal Ball!

Can you predict your own future?

In my coaching business, I’m often been told by my new clients that it’s hard to visulaize and plan for the future. After all, who can predict the future?

I say, “You can!”

hand holding a cyrstal ball


I’m not talking about looking into a mystical crystal ball but then again, maybe I am. Our powers of belief, intention and action can be as good as a magical crystal ball. Here’s what I mean. . .

Just from my own experiences I can share many examples of seeing a dream, owning the belief that my dream will turn into reality and then actually experiencing the dream becoming real. Here’s my personal dream achieving formula:

1. See it.
I’ve learned that the more detail you can give to your dream, the more likely it will become reality. You should be able to vividly see it in your mind’s eye. Your mind’s eye is your camera to the imagination and your imagination has the power to tap into your inner motivators of success. Have you written out exactly what your dream looks like? Can you see it vividly in your mind’s eye?

2. Own it.
Own your dream as if it were already reality. Write about it, talk about it – believe in it! Write out a “doable” plan of action and then develop actions steps that will keep taking you consistently and positively forward. As soon as you own your dream, it becomes part of your unconscious and conscious mind and that means the wheels of success are in motion. It’s up to you to keep the wheels moving in the right direction.

3. Do it.
This is where the rubber meets the road! Your dream remains a dream unless and until you decide to take action. Here’s where you make it a goal to do at least one positive thing each day that consistently takes you closer to achieving your dream. This is also where you learn how to tap into your inner motivators whenever you want a boost of enthusiasm and momentum.

Let me ask you this: Is it time to create your own crystal ball and go for your dream?

**This post is an excerpt from my new book 21 Days To Living Your Dreams release date November, 2013.**
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