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Your Greatest Leadership Skill

Wouldn’t you agree that knowing how to lead yourself first is an important leadership quality? I believe that to be a leader others will want to follow and emulate, it is important you commit to enhancing your own leadership skills.

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The key to being the charismatic leader that others will follow, is believing in your leadership abilities with enough conviction that you can give yourself permission to lead with self-assuredness and self-confidence.

When we think of leaders, we think of a political figure speaking in front of thousands of cheering fans. In everyday life, the role of women leaders are often more subtle and many times go unnoticed.

What makes a leader others will want to follow? There have been many books written about leadership but here is what I believe: Women are natural leaders. We just have to give ourselves permission to lead. To be a leader others will want to follow, you must be able to lead yourself first.

A true leader makes a commitment to her own leadership by:

1. Committing to their own success. Be the leader that others will want to follow by showing the way – by being the example and the role model – by being the leader others will want to become.

2. Committing to excellence, not perfection. Being “perfect” is a hard leadership style to follow.

3. Committing to ongoing knowledge. A great leader keeps learning and growing both personally and professionally. A huge part of leadership is about ongoing personal and professional development.

You can learn leadership skills if you are willing to lead yourself first – to be the example of the leader that others want to emulate.

Ask yourself this: Who are the leaders that I’ve either worked with or read about that I’ve admired. What were the traits they exhibited that I feel are important to me personally and to my business success? Take a few minutes and make a list of what you believe are the important leadership traits that successful leaders possess.
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