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Your Powerful Networking Commercial

We’ve heard it said before, “You only get one chance to make a good first impression.” The same holds true every time you stand up to deliver your 30 – 60 second introduction at a networking function or while talking to someone in the grocery store or introducing yourself at a business meeting. A well-written networking “commercial” can make the difference between being taken seriously as a woman in business and being dismissed as someone who isn’t sure of their business expertise.

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Confidently delivering a well-written 30-60 second summary of your business can make a powerful first impression. Writing and delivering your introduction involves an understanding of what your business offers, being able to speak with confidence and relating quickly to the audience. Even a quick networking “commercial” takes communication know how and skill.

These suggestions should help you prepare and deliver an impressive 30-60 second commercial:

1. Take time to write out the benefits your potential client/customer will receive when they work with or buy from you. How will you enrich, enhance or improve their lives? What challenges can you help them solve?

2. Take those benefits and solutions and incorporate them into your introduction. The purpose of a networking commercial is to peak an interest in you and your business.

Here’s an example of Mary Jones who owns a skin care company:

I’m Mary Jones and I’d like you to think of me as Mother Nature’s answer to Father Time.

Do you ever go out into the sunshine? Are you developing dark spots, fine lines or deep wrinkles? I can show you how to eliminate sun damage without surgery or painful injections. I have safe natural skin care products to help reverse the aging effects of the sun. I’m Mary Jones, of XXX company. Think of me as Mother Nature’s answer to Father Time.

3. Once you’ve written an introduction that you’ll be comfortable delivering, it is time to practice – practice – practice. Write your introduction out and practice it in front of a mirror. Listen to your delivery speed, the pitch of your voice and your facial expressions. Sometimes, we need to see ourselves as others see us.

4. If it will give you greater self-confidence, plan on reading your introduction at the meeting or function. Until you’re comfortable with memorizing and delivering your commercial, it is perfectly acceptable to read it.

5. Please remember, it takes time to find the right commercial/introduction. It also takes practice. Don’t stay home just because you think your commercial isn’t ready – practice gives you the confidence to speak in front of others.

A well-written and confidently delivered introduction is a powerful business-building tool. Successful women in business spend time and energy working on and fine-tuning their professional first impressions.

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