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Your Team and Social Media

Are your team members representing “your brand” on social media? When team members post on public venues are they representing your company positively and professionally?

Whether you are a storefront business or in network marketing, social media plays an important role in representing your company.

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Let me ask you these questions:
1. Do you have a business presence on social media? Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest. Do your team members ever use any of these business social media sites personally, as themselves?

2. Do any team members ever post on your company’s business social media sites as a representative of the company?
3. Do you have rules in place for posting publicly as a representative of the company?

I don’t have to tell you the scope of social media – it is worldwide. What you or your team posts on social media remains there permanently. Do you have social media posting rules in place?

Here are some guidelines for employees and team members to use when posting to any of your public “business” sites:

1. Never post anything you would be embarrassed to have a young child read. No profanity, racy content, etc.
2. Don’t post anything political that could potentially offend or lose your company clients.
3. Don’t post anything personal that will embarrass a team member or the company.
4. Don’t post anything that could get you or the company into legal hot water.
5. Don’t air your company’s dirty laundry on social media.

I don’t want to be an alarmist – I’m only offering words of caution. If on your company’s public social media site any team member posts or responds to a post as a representative of the company, you are responsible for what is posted. Why? You are the “owner” of that site, all posts are your responsibility to monitor and oversee.

Social media is a powerful marketing and public relations vehicle for your business and as such must be used wisely. Do you agree?
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